Looking To Get Design Work Done? Read These Tips First

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Choosing a graphic designer can be difficult for many businesses because they have no idea what qualities to look for. Here are a few tips which could help eliminate problems down the road caused by choosing the wrong designer for your project: 1.) Ensure that the designer has a strong portfolio (read on...)

Why You Should Hire a Graphic Designer

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For a lot of new business owners, doing the ton of little things that go into starting up a business can be not only an exhausting endeavor, but an expensive one too. From updating your own website, to running your feet off the ground doing networking – any business owner can tell you they (read on...)

Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

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First of all I wanted to start by asking the question, does your public persona matter? Does it mater how the public sees you? To answer this let’s take a look at this question in a different context. Does it make a difference if you wear old tracksuit pants or a suit to a business meeting? (read on...)

Do Graphic Designers Scare You?

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I’ve seen all kinds of attempts from small business entrepreneurs to take their control back from a “scary,” distant” and “highfalutin” designer or design firm. Even if a business owner comes to the point of finally acknowledging their need for design in their (read on...)

Branding Tips

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Do not underestimate the power of company branding. Branding is an important part of a company and how it’s represented. You can do it yourself, but in a likelihood, if your strong suit is not in design, you shouldn’t be creating a brand that people will recognize you for. You need to (read on...)

The Great Graphic Design Debate: Mac Vs PC

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If you are in the graphic design industry, or thinking about joining, you’ve probably been faced with the quintessential question of: Mac or PC. The debate regarding which better suits the needs of a graphic design professional rages just as raucously today and remains just as contentious (read on...)

Cost Effective Branding

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If you are working on establishing your brand, hopefully you have begun by building a business plan first, as this is the best time to really think about how to tackle your market. Plus, it takes a significant chunk of time to lay the foundation for your business plan and branding strategy. That (read on...)

Business Card Design

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Graphic design is a concept and art that nearly every business owner is engaging in for the development of their business. Graphic design provides high end solutions for all businesses, expressing the brand or service of the business in the most valuable form. Graphic design is creativity, (read on...)

The Challenge Of Ensuring Your Visual Identity Is Consistent

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One of the many benefits of having a consistent style in ALL of your marketing collateral is that you create an ‘immediate awareness’ whenever people catch even a glimpse of your brochure, signage, brochures, television advertising or direct mail. They have seen your stuff before, and (read on...)

Improve Your Business Success With Effective Marketing

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Graphic design is one of the core factors in contributing to the success of your business. Here are 5 ways you can improve your business’s graphic design Integrated and Consistent Approach One of the key strategies to building a valuable and profitable brand is to have integrated branding (read on...)

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