How to Find the Perfect Logo for Your Business

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Assess your business nicheThe most important consideration to make when creating a logo for your business is to know your industry. For example, if you are a painter and decorator, then most of the designs for your industry will probably include some sort of practical graphic design, such as a (read on...)

How To Increase Brand Value Through Design

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The visual representation of a brand is just the tip of the branding iceberg, often seen almost as a separate entity from the rest of the brand strategy, and yet it is crucial for the brand image to derive from and contribute back to all the other brand elements. Visuals designed in alignment (read on...)

Successful Business Marketing Needs To Unlock The Power of Graphic Design

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Have you ever wondered why a picture is worth a thousand words? When put into a marketing context there is a simple and powerful explanation. Start by considering the number of languages you speak. Now add one for yourself and everyone else in the world. This additional language is called Graphic (read on...)

Be Equipped in Answering the Question "What Is a Logo?"

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At present, there are product advertisements anywhere you go. We see them along the streets, inside the mall and grocery stores, when watching television shows, when browsing through the Internet, and there are also advertisements even on apparel. Even with different types and styles, no one can (read on...)

Does Investing in Graphic Design Make Good Business Sense?

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For a small business, the last few years have been quite the economic roller coaster. We’re all cutting back and learning to do more with less, making strategic decisions when it comes to investing money in advertising and marketing. While there’s no need to spend big bucks on (read on...)

Choosing the Right Graphic Designer

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Choosing a good graphic designer is extremely important in the development of your brand. There are dozens of graphic designers around and everyone you know will recommend someone. When desk top publishing became popular, suddenly everyone was selling themselves as a graphic designer. Make sure (read on...)

How To Make Your Logo Even More Enticing?

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In this augmented globalization rather than using many alphabets or written names, symbols and ideograms can be more effectual. A logo or an ideogram is a symbolic representation or a graphic design which provides organizational identity, which can be associated with an individual or a product (read on...)

Do Graphic Designers Scare You?

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I’ve seen all kinds of attempts from small business entrepreneurs to take their control back from a “scary,” distant” and “highfalutin” designer or design firm. Even if a business owner comes to the point of finally acknowledging their need for design in their (read on...)

How To Decide On Your New Logo – Use Archetypes

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Archetypes are personified symbols that allow the conscious mind to identify with, or access, subconscious desires, meanings and truths. Archetypes represent our aspirations, not just in a material sense, but in a more mystical or spiritual sense. Archetypes instill meaning into brands and are (read on...)

How to Choose a Logo Design that is Perfect for You

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Your logo is the signature of your brand, and one of your company’s most valuable assets. It is the single element that will symbolize your brand more than anything else. A well-designed logo is one that reflects your business and communicates your message. It needs to be simple, unique, (read on...)

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