Marketing to the Challenging Gen Y

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Targeting and attracting the Gen Y demographic is a priority for many advertisers. Developing a relationship at an early age can mean a lifetime of revenues. Before we delve into what makes them tick, take a look at some interesting stats: * They are more highly educated than baby boomers (age 40 (read on...)

Are You a Generational Gladiator or a Generational Mediator?

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If you’ve read anything on the topic of generations in the workplace you may have noticed authors who use constant references to “generation gaps” and “conflict management strategies”. This is what I refer to as the “generational gladiator” attitude, (read on...)

Know Box Thinking – 3 Ways to Promote Idea Sharing in a Multigenerational Workforce

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We hear it all the time. “I need someone to give me an outside the box idea.” Outside the Box Thinking is generally viewed as something groundbreaking. It is recognized by your peers or leader as a unique idea that will increase customer or employee satisfaction to new levels, and in (read on...)

BANG! The Generation Divide Is Hitting Home – Are You Prepared?

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Boomers vs Generation Y – the generational divide is making an impact on business and we all need to start dealing with this reality. Whether they are our customers or clients or vendors or referral sources or employees or partners, the differences in these generations need to be taken into (read on...)

Communicating With Gen Y

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Each generation is defined by the leaders, major events, societal advances, and trends of the time. Baby Boomers are defined by the post war prosperity they experienced. With birth rates skyrocketing at the end of WWII, they were the largest generation of the 19th century. They lived through the (read on...)

How to Motivate a Gen Y

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Do you have any Gen Y customers or team members that you need to figure out how to motivate? Gen Ys, also known as the Millennial Generation are pretty much anyone under the age of 25 in the workplace. Read on for some useful tips on how to motivate them. Last weekend we popped over to some old (read on...)

Want to Get Gen Y to Buy? 7 Ways to Do It – Think Social

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Technology has changed the way we provide information about ourselves but it also provides insight for marketers and sellers to target their buyers. Gen Y are always the early adopters of social networking and they willingly provide personal information that helps marketers sell to them. (read on...)

9 Steps to Succession Planning For Gen X and Y

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Many people think that succession planning is a top-down activity involving management and seasoned professionals. It is better to involve Gen X and Y as well so that they can help create a vision that involves all of the generations in a company. If you think of succession planning as a (read on...)

Volunteerism in the Workplace – Leading by Example

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It is now 2010… I look back on 2009 and cannot believe what had to happen for our firm to come out without having to lay off anybody. There is truth that many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grew in 2009 due to outsourcing, but many stayed flat and did all hey could to stay in the black. (read on...)

What Your Organization Can Do to Support and Retain Young Employees

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The economic crisis has presented organisations and their workforces with one of their biggest challenges for some time. Riding the wave of the downturn is familiar territory for some, however, for a new cohort of employees this has been their first exposure to tough economic conditions. As a (read on...)

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