How Much Time Do Sales People Waste?

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As sellers, we waste over 90% of our time. We need to find prospects, get them bought-in to the possibility of using our solution, get them what they need to understand our solution and how it might fit, get past gatekeepers, manage objections, get to the right people who will know how to buy us, (read on...)

C-Level Relationship Selling – 3 Steps to Handle the "Too Busy" Selling Objection

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How many times have you heard the executive who’ll make the final decision is too busy to meet with you? C-Levels and top executives have so many things to do. Well, something is wrong here because at some time the C-Level will have to take the time to learn before s/he makes the final (read on...)

Cold Calling: Is It Dead Or Simply Having a Rough Ride? It Depends on How Persistent You Are

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Cold calling. Ever since I became a freelancer I’ve found myself either doing more cold calling or less, depending on the state of my particular market. I’ve done a lot of it. My cold calling is most successful when I’m certain that the product or service I have to sell has (read on...)

Sales Strategies – Getting Through Gatekeepers

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“Getting though gatekeepers” continues to be a hot topic. When we can’t get referrals to our target prospects from people they trust, we’re left with direct, unsolicited approaches to our prospects who frequently employ assistants who are filters or gatekeepers to the (read on...)

C Level Selling – The First Rule For Handling Gatekeepers and Blockers

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Always assume you’ll be blocked and rarely will you be incorrect. Suppose you meet with someone — your initial contact – and you get along well. She or he likes what you have to say. She or he sees the benefits. Everything seems fine. What typically happens next? Well, you might (read on...)