Marketing for the Arts: New Audience Development

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As a nonprofit arts organization, you have to think of marketing your craft, your art or your music, especially if you plan to bring in income or create a name for yourself. Marketing for the Arts is not a new concept, but as consumers have gotten savvier about what they spend their money on, art (read on...)

Steps to Make a Great Fundraising Event

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Organizing a successful fundraising event doesn’t have to be tedious or difficult; however, it will take time, planning and purposeful organization. This article shows you how to accomplish this with as little effort as possible. The first thing you should do when organizing a fundraising (read on...)

Should Pictures Shock Your Audience? Printing Posters for Non-Profits 101

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Experts around the world have claimed that we as a society have become desensitized to violence in recent years. I’m inclined to say they’re right, but not for the reasons they think. Hollywood has walked us into gruesome situations and national disasters for years. Why are they still (read on...)

Pursuit of Brand Happiness

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From that point, through masterful imagery and tricks of the advertising trade, new promises were made about fulfillment in life. Their marketing shifted from merely attempting to get people to think and feel a certain way, to a proclamation of a better way to live by way of a “brand (read on...)

Value Based Products Work in a Trying Economy

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Value based products are simply any product that gives back more than it asks for. Let’s look at a candy bar for example. Everyone loves them and they are only a dollar, but you can buy the same candy bar in a convenience store at half the price. Wrapping paper is another one. Yes, the (read on...)

The Most Powerful Sales Incentives of Our Time

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Give Away Events are still extremely workable and viable to the success of every business. For years, fortune 500 companies have used Vacation Certificates to promote sales, generate leads and get referrals from customers. Now any business owner or organization can use Vacation Certificates in (read on...)

Are You a "Binge Marketer"?

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The classic cry of the binge marketer is “Oops… business is slow. I guess I’d better do some marketing and send out a mailing.” If you find yourself in the middle of a quiet spell, thinking that a few actions, a couple of phone calls and a mailing here and there will get (read on...)

Let Testimonials Say What You Can’t

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“What’s the difference between advertising and public relations? In advertising, you tell your audience how great you are. In public relations, you get someone else tell them the same thing.” Fundraisers, like other marketers, face skepticism and resistance nowadays when they (read on...)

But My Prospects Are Smarter Than Everyone Else!

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Whether you’re Yale, the local Diocese or the SPCA around the corner, your “talk” should be simple, direct and concise; preferably written in 10th grade English. Make that 9th grade. “But my prospects are smarter…” They may be, but the average attention span (read on...)