The 4 Types of Customers You Need to Follow-Up

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You would think follow-up is an easy and straight forward task but it may surprise you that the follow-up is generally done poorly. The missed opportunities and the damage to the company and personal creditability can only be imagined. Where to start? The follow-up or next step action needs to be (read on...)

What To Say When You Call A Lead?

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So this is the big hurdle many internet marketers face. Getting on the phone is more than just a nuisance, for some it is a paralyzing fear. So how do you get on the phone with strong posture when you are as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? Good question. The first (read on...)

How’s Your Follow-Up? Sales Leads Are Killing My Business!

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Sales Manager to Salesperson: “We need more sales!” Salesperson to Manager: “Then, get me more leads!” This scene plays out thousands of times per day. Salespeople are hungry for fresh, new prospects. In fact, new leads are the lifeblood of a sales-oriented company. But (read on...)

Did You "Do It" On the First Date?

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Most of us would never consider “doing it” on the first date. Proposing marriage is just totally out of the question when you’ve just met someone, right? Wait, what were you thinking “it” meant? No matter what you imagine “doing it” to be, most of us have (read on...)

Follow Up Sales – Again and Again!

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Today most people complain that they have little time to focus, especially in business. They are constantly interrupted – emails, advertising, social media, Blackberrys and a constant source of new information through the internet fight for our attention every minute of every day. In the (read on...)

Three Key Sales Tips for 2012

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Happy New Year and welcome to another year with a new sales budget! You may already be thinking about the potential challenges you might face. Are you wondering, will the economy continue to improve or will it backslide; is my new sales quota achievable; what other challenges might I face either (read on...)

Are You Ready To Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot?

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What was the main reason why you decided to become a solo-entrepreneur? Probably like me, you couldn’t stand to work for someone else any longer. I wanted the ability to set my own schedule, make all my own business decisions and reap my own rewards. Just like you, I started out on my own, (read on...)

Phenomenal Follow-Up

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So you’ve just been to a networking meeting or a trade show, and you have dozens of business cards. What do you do with them? Follow-up is a hugely important part of your business. If you’re not following up properly, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Usually it takes (read on...)

Discover How Mobile Marketing With Follow-Up System Can Save Your Time In Business

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Today, almost every business is in search of a viable media outlet in order to attract target customers. With the decreasing popularity of traditional forms of media like magazines, newspapers and television, mobile marketing represents the new era of advertising and marketing. In this (read on...)

How to Plan Your Next Exhibition

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When your company steps forward into the public eye it is the first time that many people will see your exhibition stand, brand, logo, products, and customer service provisions. Planning for a normal sized industry event or a trade show is an undertaking that should begin at least four months (read on...)