Five Offline Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Businesses

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Owning a martial arts Dojo isn’t as easy as one would think. Even the best ones have high turn around rates. This is why they have a need for constant advertising. However, they also have to keep it cheap. Other wise they would have to raise their prices too high or go out of business. So (read on...)

Inserts, Newspaper Ads With Staying Power

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Would you like to have a sales piece that keeps on working long after you have placed it in distribution? That’s what a newspaper insert will do if it is done the right way. Here are some common mistakes and ways to correct them. A retailer once said, “Inserts don’t work, (read on...)

USPS Every Door Direct Mail – Small Business Marketing Just Got Easier (And Whole Lot Cheaper!)

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Who says the government doesn’t do anything right? Uncle Sam just increased your small business marketing budget substantially. Introducing: “Every Door Direct Mail,” a new mailing program from your “gruntled” pals at the United States Post Office. Postage is now a (read on...)

Why Quality Designs Are Worth More

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Quality flyer designs are worth more than you pay because they help bring back more money than a regular flyer design. The higher the quality of the design and the more intriguing and eye catching your marketing material, the more money you can expect to come back in return for your small (read on...)

Lawn Flyers: Printing and Mailing Made Easy

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You’re making your dream of owning a lawncare and landscaping business a reality. You’ve got equipment, products, and even a great staff. But there’s one problem that never seems to work itself out – the customers! Don’t worry, finding new customers is easier than (read on...)

What Type Are You?

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As a designer, I love typography. It’s one of my favorite tools in my designer’s tool chest. I especially like to experiment with letterforms to create visually interesting ways to communicate with type. When type is used creatively, it becomes a work of art. Type is beautiful. It (read on...)

How to Print 25 Full-Color Glossy Flyers for $1.00

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In this era of cut throat competition among businesses everywhere, it has become difficult for clients to remain loyal. Hundreds of companies have entered virtually every market providing different incentives to lure away your existing customers. So how will you survive? Advertising is the key to (read on...)

Keep It Down!

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I have owned my business now for 7 years and advertising is never easy. In the window washing business it can be extremely tough to get your name out there just don’t give up and keep at it constantly. The best ways to save money and make more is to keep your expenses down and return high. (read on...)

Using Cheap Flyer Printing to Boost Your Sales

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If you have a business and need to increase visibility, lead generation, and sales efforts to bring in new customers, you should invest in cheap flyer printing. Flyers are a perfect tool to promote your business, distribute coupons or offers, and provide prospects with your contact information. (read on...)

Create Outstanding Cheap Business Flyers, That Sell!

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Cheap flyer printing communicates directly with prospective customers and can work wonders in “getting your message” out there. As a business owner, you will need to increase sales, awareness, and curiosity among your potential customers to become, and stay, successful. If your (read on...)