Focusing on Brochures for Gyms

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Brochures for gyms are standard advertising tools that are used in combination with other promotion materials for an effective promotion strategy. The goal is to attract new members by promoting the best qualities of the gym in a memorable way. Effective promotion materials provide complete (read on...)

Creating the Best Brochures for Fitness

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The role of brochures for fitness is to raise awareness about the importance of physical exercises for a nice figure and to promote the services of certain fitness facilities. In order for the promotion campaign to be effective, it should focus on promoting the things that differentiate a certain (read on...)

How I Use Facebook To Market My Fitness Business (And Why You Might Be Killing Yours)

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Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of social media the way most of the fitness marketing gurus seem to be these days, I can’t help but admit that it’s pretty damned cool for growing your fitness business… if you use it well, that is. Trouble is, most fitness professionals, in (read on...)

Six Hot Tips For Marketing Your Health and Fitness Club

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Marketing a health and fitness club falls into two separate but related tasks; namely, recruitment and retention of members. Recruitment refers to inviting and getting people to join the club while retention has to do with making them stay. The following tips will help you market your health and (read on...)

5 Proven Tips to Maximize Your Income Over Christmas and New Years With Ease

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Hey fellow PTs, hope business is booming… So it is that time of year again where clients want to go on holiday, have breaks, cancel more frequently and you may even go on a break yourself. So how do we maximize our income and show rates over this seemingly inconsistent time? After operating (read on...)

Changing Your Payment Methods to Increase Your Personal Training Revenue

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Most personal trainers sell their clients sessions in blocks. They might sell 5 or 10 sessions at once. There are a few problems with this. First of all and most importantly it means that they are putting themselves in a position where they are having to re-sell to their clients every few weeks. (read on...)

Successfully Marketing Your Health Club

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Every Gym owner, whether they’re brand new to the scene or looking to open more locations needs to ask themselves a very important question; “How do I get bodies in here to fill these machines?” Standing out and gaining popularity against the workout giants as we’ll call (read on...)

Quick Fitness Marketing Tips

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The fitness business is getting bigger and bigger these days, whether the market is getting more health conscious, or just playing to their vanity, people are way more interested in their physical fitness more now than ever. Here are some things that you should be focusing on to steer your (read on...)

Improving Performance – A Lesson From Wii Fit

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For those of you familiar with Wii Fit*, you probably love it or hate it. And as I sit here just having been chastised by my own Wii Fit, I wonder what Corporate America would be like with something similar in the workplace. Think about it. Whether you love it or hate it, Wii Fit is a fun tool (read on...)

Building a Personal Training Client Base Through Referrals

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Using referrals is theĀ fastest and easiest way to build your personal training client base and make you more money. There are many different ways that you can approach this and different techniques that you can use to maximise the number of referrals that you get, therefore growing your (read on...)