Converting A Contact Into a Contract

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Prospects for projects result from multiple sources – the web through key word searches, print advertising, seeing an existing shade structure; referrals from past and existing customers, vendors, and friends; and published RFQs and RFPs from local, state, and national governments. In most (read on...)

The Perfect Bait

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This first contact with a big fish is essential to your success. You need to instill confidence in them. They need to know you can fulfill exactly what you are offering on time, at a good price and at the quality you promise. I am going to walk through the big approach and how to make that (read on...)

First Contact: What to Do, Why, and How to Get Better Results

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Depending on the selling approach you’re using, you are closing between 6%-7%, regardless of size of solution or industry. These numbers are far lower than they need to be: so long as your primary focus is on making a sale and you focus on needs assessment and solution choice (factors which (read on...)