Leadership Coaching: Are You Using The Financial Crisis As An Excuse?

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The current economic crisis does not literally come knocking at people’s doors, but it is real. Everyone can feel the upheaval caused by the financial meltdown. These really are challenging times wherein everyone has to tighten their belts while struggling to breathe. The economic meltdown (read on...)

Leadership Coaching: The Good Of The Financial Crisis

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The Hero Is A Leader In times of muddle, in the midst of the haze, there is one person that stands as a beacon – the hero. Countries, organizations and families all have heroes. When chaos pervades, heroes provide clarity. When confusion besieges amid a conundrum, a hero responds elegantly, (read on...)

Uh-Oh Marketing

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“Uh-oh” is the repetitive expletive that carries with it the foreboding, stomach wrenching realization that something is wrong. “Oh-oh” – the sound of doom. All of us have been known to utter instantaneous expletives (usually four letters like “darn!” or (read on...)

How Guilty Are CIOs (and IT) In The Global Financial Crisis?

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Global financial crises are no fun. Those of us in IT find ourselves just like everyone else standing around and scratching our heads trying to figure out just what happened. It turns out that IT may have been a big part of the problem – we are part of the reason that the crisis happened in (read on...)

The 4 T’s Of ‘Business UN-Usual’

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As increasing numbers of us have become more cynical than ever, more critical than ever, and aware that it’s significantly more competitive than ever, the level of trust we have in product and service providers has plummeted. Given the ever-expanding list of failed finance companies, (read on...)

HR Case Study on Pacific Brands – Part 3

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Impacts on Pacific Brands HR strategy, policies and processes Pacific Brands has recognised the need to improve efficiency with the desired outcome of becoming more competitive by lowering manufacturing operational costs through offshoring. Advise that such a strategy that shows characteristics (read on...)

Crisis Dashboard – Covering Financial Crisis For Easy Management

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Crisis is something that will almost be inevitable in the world of business. There is no guarantee that even if you have the best strategies and techniques that always seem to work, you will be able to escape such occurrence. This is why there are business owners who are afraid of such (read on...)

How to Win in a Financial Crisis – Tips on Identifying Opportunities in a Down Economy

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Businesses face difficult challenges when enduring a financial crisis. But what highly successful businesses have discovered is a financial crisis can also provide many opportunities. Because if the right opportunities are pursued, market share can experience sharp increases. This gives companies (read on...)

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities – Part Two

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Transformation Crisis management requires well thought through transformation and a fundamental re-thinking on how operators, local governments and vendors work together. Turning the effects of the global financial crisis into a positive might seem far fetched however if businesses take the (read on...)

Crowth, Managing Growth Under Crisis

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My friend Rafael Rubio, who is organizing my tour in Uruguay, suggested the topic of “Crisimiento” for one of my workshps, which I’ve freely translated to Crowth. Crisimiento is a made up word in Spanish involving ‘crisis = crisis’ and ‘crecimiento = (read on...)