My First Sales Coach

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Why would a person become a Sales Trainer? Let’s go back in time to my initial sales experience and to my first sales coach. In my early teens, my first job was selling newspaper subscriptions. It seemed easier that delivering papers so I gave it a try. The idea was to get people to agree (read on...)

Add Power To Your Ads

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The advertising budget can be the most costly element of doing business for any company and, in most cases, is the most wasteful expense small business owners incur. Why? The reason is simple. On the one hand, entrepreneurs do not know about or they ignore the WIIFM factor. On the other hand, (read on...)

Writing a Sales Letter: Stress the Benefits

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What do you want from your sales letter? You want someone to make an appointment so you can show off your work or your widget, OR you want someone to buy your work or your widget. You want your customer to DO something. You want action. The way to get the action you want is to be persuasive. You (read on...)

Essential Marketing Tip: Features Vs Benefits

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Almost every entrepreneur who has been in the market for some time will be faced with the features vs. benefits dilemma tossed at them by well-intentioned marketing gurus. The interesting thing is, as critical as the concept maybe, we have found that only a minority understands the difference. (read on...)

Features That You Should Have on Your Hot Dog Street Vending Cart

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In deciding on whether you want to get a hot dog push cart or a trailer towed cart, here are some features that you should also consider: Hot Dog Broiler A food cart will often include a broiler for keeping those dogs toasty. The hot dog broiler is your classic “heat box” where the (read on...)

Features to Consider About Advertising Banners

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Whether off or online, advertising banners are an integral part of most businesses. Printed matter like this is the most convenient method of informing people about a business’s massive sale or to announce the grand opening of a major investment. They’re the most common forms of (read on...)

The #1 Reason Why Salespeople Fail to Close

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Prospects buy for their reasons, not the salesperson’s reasons. The bottom-line reason that traditional sales tactics are inefficient and ineffective is that the seller is motivated by an attitude; of “whatever it takes “to push product out the door in order to make a quick (read on...)

Is Your Marketing Message Written in Your Prospects’ Language?

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If your target market is new to your product or service, you face a daunting task. Any chance at a sale hinges on your ability to transform what you offer into benefits your prospects understand. Confuse your audience and they’ll go searching for a message they can comprehend – and (read on...)

Balance the Scales of Features and Benefits

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Features and benefits – you can’t really have one without the other – and be honest about what you’re selling and delivering to your target market. A recent article came across my desk about features and benefits, and making sure you’re sharing the benefits of your (read on...)

Sell the Steak and the Sizzle

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YOUR OBJECTIVES SHOULD RELATE TO PRODUCT AND PSYCHOLOGYAccording to the Sales Board, 99% of salespeople don’t set the right objectives for sales calls. Each situation is different, of course, and is influenced by the prospect, the product, the time factor, the environment, degrees of (read on...)