Getting More From Fewer People – 5 Things Companies Should Be Doing NOW!

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Let’s face it, the US economy is still struggling. Some of this is due to politics, some of it is due to other nations having their own economic problems and, because we live in a world that is now interdependent, the US is affected, and some is due to how Corporate America itself is (read on...)

Using the Employee Attitude Survey

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The employee attitude survey is a management tool business owners or managers use to learn about the views and opinions of their employees on issues pertaining to the company and their role within the organization. It is both a methodology and a process to help management understand the different (read on...)

5 Step Employee Brand Slam

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In today’s business environment, it’s important we not leave marketing to only the marketing department. It’s everyone’s job to market your business in one way or another as they brag to friends about where they work and what they do. With this in mind, educate your (read on...)

Trust: The Key to Successful Leadership

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Trust Trust is generally defined as a reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. Trust is also described as being willing to be vulnerable to the actions of another party. Trust is very important to successful leadership. Leaders who have trusting followers find it (read on...)

Workforce Management Tips – Time and Attendance

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Getting your workforce to work effectively is the job of any good manager. Here what you are doing is taking a group of people who have been thrown together and then transforming them into a well oiled machine that can pump out the maximum amount of work with the highest efficiency thereby (read on...)

Managing Employee and Manager Expectations

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Employees want to be told how they are doing and what is expected of them. In workplace coaching sessions, a common question that employees ask is: “I wish I knew what my boss wanted from me?” And a common question that Senior Managers and Executives ask is: “Why don’t my (read on...)

Engage Your Employees at Three Levels

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As leaders, one of the most challenging issues we deal with is the engagement and productivity of our employees. If you fear an employee exodus when the economy heats up then you owe it to yourself and your company to become a preferred employer now. The first step is to have a good handle on (read on...)

Enhancing Quality Management With Leadership Training

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A great manager must know how to encourage and motivate the employees. They must be open-minded, able to listen, willing to ask questions and able to make themselves and their instructions understood by all. It is important that they are able to effectively communicate with both those employees (read on...)

Harnessing Success Through the Wonders of Proper Employee Management

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Teamwork is very important in any organization. It lessens the time necessary to complete a given task. Evidently, two heads are always better than one. However, management needs to get creative in achieving this goal. Obviously, your chosen talents vary in characters, opinions and beliefs. (read on...)

Seven Practices of Successful Teams in Sport and Business

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Sports teams play hard to win, and so does your business. The desire to take a victory lap, however, isn’t the only similarity. Business owners and sports teams watch rivals closely, strategize at every turn and work together to reach the final goal, whether it’s the trophy, a (read on...)