It’s All About Leadership

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If you have read my articles on becoming a bachelor or magister of business administration (if you haven’t, please do it right now) then you already must have an idea what to expect when applying for these degrees. But here is something that no college or university will be able to teach (read on...)

Project Management – Is Education More Valuable Than Experience?

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In my more than 20 years of experience managing technical projects, most project managers move directly from engineering into project management – do not pass go, do not collect $200. Does this count as the experience necessary to manage a complex technical or non-technical project? Does (read on...)

Training in Counselling and Performance Management

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A few weeks ago I completed a course in counselling. This required me to keep a Learning Journal of my personal development and, in the last instalment of this; I decided to explain why I would not be pursuing further training, at least at that university. Although counsellors are expected to (read on...)

How Hospitals Can Reach Out To The Community And Bring Services To The Doorstep Of The Patient

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Whether providers choose to acquire, affiliate, or ally, many of them are seeking to “own” all of the components of an integrated care network. Like the marriage that follows an initial courtship, they vow to provide for all of the healthcare needs during a lifetime-from neo-natal (read on...)

What Can Propel Your Business to Greater Success? BVA Part II

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Is there a secret ingredient that can by itself generate repeat business? The short answer of course is “No”. But there are some essential components that can be of great benefit if they are acknowledged for their importance and consistently cultivated. What are those pieces to the (read on...)

Education Marketing 101: The K-12 Buying Cycle For Teaching Materials

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Many industries experience seasonal sales cycles, some more dramatic than others. What patterns do companies that sell instructional products to K-12 schools observe? Be assured, products used for teaching and learning are purchased every month, but you can expect major ups and downs during the (read on...)

5 Key Action Steps for Online Business Success

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There are 5 key actions and steps you must do to build your business and achieve your financial goals. Step 1 Branding yourself and your business This is one of the most important steps as it lays the foundation for you to build your business and yourself as a brand. It will also boost your (read on...)

Using Six Sigma in Education

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Being educated is important. A general education, job education or career education are all important to help you do your job effectively as well as going through everyday life. Educators present various ways of presenting education to students in a way to improve their efforts and help students (read on...)

Embrace the Marketing Community

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Today is just another day of marketing, learning new ways to turn your leads into a relationship that will benefit both parties. I believe that I can help one person a day just by writing this blog and supporting them in someway. The marketing community has the best support for online marketers. (read on...)

Prince2 Courses – A Brief Overview

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Prince2 is short for PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2. As the name suggests, it is the second major version of a standard set of project management protocols. Prince2 training is widely recognised in a broad range of industries, both in the UK and in many other countries, since Prince2 is (read on...)