Which Print Finish Should I Choose for My Blank DVD or CD Disc?

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If your business or organisation requires branding on a mass scale for your blank DVDs and CDs, the choice of on – body print finishes becomes an important one. This will determine the style and quality of the finished disc and subsequently how it appears to the recipient of the disc. The (read on...)

5 Tips for Business Owners From Netflix Price Increase Fiasco

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Netflix has faced a flood of criticism since announcing plans to hike monthly subscription prices by 60 percent next month. The company’s poor handling of the price increase contains a wealth of lessons for small business owners. In case you didn’t hear the news, Netflix announced (read on...)

Finding a Video Production Craftsman, NOT a Technician

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Somewhere along the line, most of us have heard the saying, “It’s the craftsman, not the tools,” meaning that all the great creations of the world are more dependent on the skills of the artists than the quality of their tools. Or, to put it less elegantly, you could give a room (read on...)

Outrageously Simple Training Management Software Solutions

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Stop making the search for training management software complicated for your managers and leadership. There is no need to search relentlessly for sophisticated and expensive online supervisor training courses that drone on about some supervisory skill. You can create meaty and powerful training (read on...)

Stop Giving Your Customers Too Many Choices – They Don’t Want Them!

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As product managers, we have somehow convinced ourselves that our customers both want and need more choices when it comes to our products. This thinking has allowed us to heap on more and more choices for our customers to make: colors, pricing plans, features, etc. However, it just may be the (read on...)

Marketing a Band Or Musician – A Professional Appearing CD is the Only Way

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Every garage band has a desire to break into the mainstream and one day hear their voices on the radio. Bands record performances of one show and often sell them at another. Sometimes these copies are even forwarded to radio stations in hopes of receiving airplay, but homemade CDs are not the (read on...)

Marketing Observations From the Hospital Bed

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I suddenly ended up in the hospital a few weeks ago, dealing with a severe bout of pneumonia. I’ll spare you most of the details, but it basically all started with the trip to the Howard County General Hospital ER in Columbia, MD on a Saturday night after having a severe reaction to (read on...)

In Advertisement, A Dynamic Image is Crucial For Success in Person and Even DVD Presentations

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The average businesses operated today are average for two reasons alone.  One is image.  The other is ability.  Conducting a successful business is 40% image and 60% knowledge and ability.  Depending upon who is consulted, many individuals would say image is the more important aspect of (read on...)