7 Ways to Engage Employees Who Are Just Waiting to Retire

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Organizations are working lean–doing more with less as they try to reduce cost in a tough economy. I wasn’t surprised when I was asked recently “What can you do with senior employees who are not engaged with their work and seem to be just putting in their time until they reach (read on...)

Leadership Coaching: High Employee Engagement For A Flourishing Company

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An organization has to take time to make its employees flourish. An optimally productive workforce leads to a successful organization. The management thus needs to reach out to its workers. A recent study conducted by Lighthouse Leadership indicates that more than 46% of working people feel that (read on...)

What American Businesses Can Learn From the Bin Laden Strike

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The recent historic military strike against Osama bin Laden is likely to remain front page news for some time to come with lasting impact on both military and political policy-making. As a consultant who focuses on ‘human capital’ in the business world, I hope it will have a (read on...)

How to Breed Innovativeness in Your Organization

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It is the dream-come-true for modern corporate entities-giving their employees the freedom and the environment to innovate and think, which helps them to bring forward some great ideas that could change the course of the business itself. Businesses aren’t autocratic today; in fact, they (read on...)

Leadership Coaches – How to Inspire "Rainmakers" With Disengaged Employees

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Leaders face a near perfect storm today. Making sales and profit goals are tougher in the “new normal’, employee disengagement is near epic levels and Gallup research cites nearly one in three payroll dollars are lost because of disengagement. The savvy leader begins to sort and (read on...)