A Digital Poster Is The Brand-New Infomercial Method

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Infomercials are frequently recognized in the USA and Canada, but the home shopping market is great, this is why many large and small retailers are using methods to promote their end of season products or sale products to buyers. Businesses can promote their items to potential buyers and show (read on...)

Digital Poster – The New Dynamic Signage Solution

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A LCD poster allows a business to interact with their users without any hard sell, this is what puts clients off going to hair salons and beauty stores, as employees has previously tried to sell products they have used on the customer during their treatment. How many times have you been in the (read on...)

How Digital Posters Are Made

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Digital posters are now becoming the fastest growing display items. The term digital is familiar to everyone. The digital posters are broadcast using a digital signage consisting of a large plasma or LCD display. The display unit is connected to a computer whose hard drive stores content that (read on...)

Digital Posters Installed To Inform Children Father Christmas Is Here

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Countless department stores are gearing up to the most profitable and demanding time of the year, with Christmas being a few weeks away some retail outlets are utilizing digital posters to announce Father Christmas, discover how this is being done. A 26 inch digital poster is being deployed near (read on...)

40 Inch Digital Poster For Digital Advertising

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A 40″ digital menu board is one of the most standard sizes of digital posters on the market, let us look in to the reason why. When a firm decides on utilizing electronic signage, they want the hardware to be jaw dropping and create a very good image for the business, that will put the (read on...)

Outdoor Screens Made Simple

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No longer are TV screens only found in the front rooms and TV parlours. Modern flat screen devices like the LCD TV are commonly used in out of home activities like advertising and digital signage. And even outside these screens are replacing the billboards and signage commonly associated with (read on...)

Outdoor Digital Signage – Sunlight, Weather, Temperature and Content

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With so many displays now used in indoor environments for digital signage many advertisers and retailers are opting to take their screens outdoors were there is less competition and the audience numbers are greater. But outdoor digital signage is whole new ball game, compared to using indoor (read on...)

Digital Posters and LCD Advertising Displays – Knowing the Differences

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Some people are confused with the digital advertising solutions that are on offer when used for digital signage indoors, however in this article we will try and eliminate any confusion. Find out which is the most cost effective solution and why and if it would work for you. Digital Poster.This is (read on...)

Implementing Digital Signage in Business

August 4, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Advertising 

Digital signage has become a must have marketing and advertising tool for business. As a low cost method of reaching a large audience there is no better system than using display screens. Many industries are reaping the rewards of using digital out of home (Dooh), here is how it is being (read on...)

Tips For Creating Content For Outdoor Digital Signage

August 4, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Advertising 

Outdoor digital signage differs to indoor out of home applications. Not only are the challenges of the weather, temperature and vandalism need to be countered but also content for digital outdoor signage differs to the conventional content seen on indoor systems. There are several reasons for (read on...)

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