Rise Above the Noise

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I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony last week during a full-day workshop called Experience Remarkable Growth. We were fortunate to have a full room of top-tier professionals who were engaged the entire day. One of the topics was (read on...)

High Growth Businesses Need an Attractive Marketplace

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Summary An attractive market is one which could be seen as growing, doesn’t have low cost corner cutting competitors and that you can profitably service. For smaller companies, this often means finding a niche or attacking the smaller end of a far larger market that the larger players can (read on...)

Differentiation Is a Key to Success in a Small Business: Be Different – Be Better

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The Small Business Google Search Nightmare. One of my clients is a local handyman. He came in to talk with me about marketing his business more effectively. He was concerned because his clients weren’t finding his business online. I typed the search term “handyman Las Vegas” (read on...)

Building Your Brand With 4 Simple Questions

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Branding can be a powerful tool in the development of your business. It can increase your recognition and successfully differentiate you from your competitors. An effective brand can also communicate your value proposition, clarify your market niche and help you demonstrate your expertise to (read on...)

Social Media Strategy and Branding: Why Positioning and Differentiation Are Important

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Successful marketing in the social marketing era demands traditional marketing skill. Positioning a product in the market place is a tangible thing. In comparison, the differentiation of a product is a perceptual concept. These are critical concepts to understand in the social media era. (read on...)

3 Steps to Developing a Strong Value Proposition

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Your value proposition is the foundation for your brand, while your brand is the expectation you build in your customers or prospects’ mind based on your value proposition. In order to be effective, your value proposition must be clear, compelling and differentiating by answering three key (read on...)

How to Create Meaningful Differentiation

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Many people want to create something new, but don’t know how to come up with and develop differentiators that their market will embrace. That’s what this is about – explaining the necessary elements of successful differentiation; identifying the best differentiating strategies (read on...)

Distinction Is in the Details: The Only Perception That Matters Is the Customers’

December 4, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Marketing 

Price is the single worst point of differentiation for any organization in any industry. One of the great things about being a marketer is that I tend to walk around with a ‘marketer’s mindset’, looking at nearly everything through the eyes of marketing. Yes, I know, (read on...)

What’s the Benefit?

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Your business, my business, every business attempts to be better in some way than its competitors and then use this “better” thing (known in marketing circles as differentiation) as the keystone of its marketing strategy. I can cite an endless number of examples of differentiation (read on...)

Sales Guidelines on Business Meetings

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General guidelines on meetings Using humour to get you started – or even give you a head-start:) Business is serious but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something to laugh about together. Carefully consider your humour as it needs to be positive and not derogatory in any way, (read on...)

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