Dentist Marketing Tips and Suggestions

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As a dentist, you need to market your services to remain competitive in the business. Word of mouth from satisfied patients helps. You cannot rely on it alone, however. More and more rivals enter the marketplace and you cannot be left behind the race. This article aims to teach you some dental or (read on...)

5 Sweet Marketing Tricks My Dentist Uses

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My dentist is terrific at marketing. And I’m not entirely sure that he even fully realizes it. He’s a very smart guy and his marketing efforts are far from accidental, I’m just not sure that he has enough basis for comparison to realize how much better he is than the average (read on...)

Attend the 2011 Greater New York Dental Meeting and Explore Dental Industry Trends

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One of the biggest reasons to attend the Greater New York Dental Meeting in 2011 is to see what the products and services the industry leaders are introducing this year. In 2010, over 58,000 people attended the Meeting. It is the largest gathering of dental professionals and industry experts in (read on...)

Easy Dentist Marketing By Watching TV

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If you want to grow your dental practice by selling more to your patients, then there is a TV show you must watch. Let me explain: Dentist Marketing and a TV Show: For the longest time, my wife has wanted one of those Kitchen Aid professional mixers. The kind that turns a doughy mess into a bowl (read on...)

How To Attract New Patients With Creative Thinking and Commitment

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As the fires blaze in London and the riots grip the cities of the country I am fortunate to be spending my summer in Cascais, Portugal. Not only is Cascais one of the most beautiful places I have spent time in but it is lucky enough to be currently hosting the ‘Americas Cup’ boat (read on...)

How The Internet, Social Networking, And Mobile Environment Can Influence Dentist Advertising

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If you were to assess many of the current dentist marketing strategies that are implemented in the current field of oral medicine, it would be alarmingly disappointing for many. While dental professionals are experts in the field of oral health, they often have very little understanding when it (read on...)

Easy Dentist Marketing Tip To Get More Referrals

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If you own a dental practice, and would like an easy way to generate more referrals right away then this short article is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s why: Have you heard about “Harry Chasers”? If not, then get a load of this: “Harry Chasers” are women who (read on...)

Overview of The Vast Marketing Opportunities For The Dentist

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Nowadays the new technology has changed almost each and every aspects of our lives. From the way we interact with our family and even friends to the way we buy products as well as services, and everything in between, the Internet as well as mobile technology has made our lives easier and far more (read on...)

What Is Your Practice’s Competitive Advantage?

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“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” – Jack Welch Very true words spoken by a very successful business leader. What is your Practice’s competitive advantage? And more importantly, are you successfully communicating it? Here are some (read on...)

The Best Dental Practice Promotion!

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There are a lot of “good” marketing campaigns you can do for your dental practice to add new patients, get referrals and grow your practice. But, no doubt about it… the best marketing campaign you could do would be: Mail your patients a 4-page, black and white, “paper and (read on...)