First Contact: What to Do, Why, and How to Get Better Results

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Depending on the selling approach you’re using, you are closing between 6%-7%, regardless of size of solution or industry. These numbers are far lower than they need to be: so long as your primary focus is on making a sale and you focus on needs assessment and solution choice (factors which (read on...)

You Think You Know Your Buyer – You Don’t

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Sales folks are taught to have a certain amount of curiosity. But what, exactly, are you curious about? You have been taught to be curious about needs. Do prospects need your solution? Are they in ‘pain’? The moment – the very moment – you hear that a ‘need’ (read on...)

9 Sales Steps That Influence a Buying Decision

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The steps of a buying decision differ from the steps of a sale. The sales model has no way to influence the private decisions and buy-in issues that buyers must address before they can buy. Buyers live in a ‘system’ that maintains their Identified Problem (or ‘pain’) over (read on...)

Does the Sales Model Do What We Need It To Do?

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Sales has been around since the Serpent convinced Eve to eat the apple. And, unfortunately, the goals have remained pretty much the same ever since. The sales model was designed for a different time in history, when there were fewer decision makers and products could be easily described in a (read on...)

Solution Selection: Do We Know How Buyers Choose One Solution Over Another?

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Your solution matches the buyer’s need perfectly. You like them, they like you, you’ve had coffee/a meal/a powerful meeting or two. They talk about implementation and how they need to add your other product next year. And then they buy from someone else. Or not at all. What happened? (read on...)

My Job Is to Start a Conversation

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I recently contacted a man who runs a marketing automation company, thinking there might be areas of potential partnership. And while he agreed with my ideas about helping manage the buying decision journey, his baseline business beliefs were well out of the range of mine. In fact, it was (read on...)

Who’s In The Meeting – And Who’s Not?

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So many sales folks are targeting ‘appointments’ these days. I wonder if you know who actually is in attendance. And who isn’t but should be. As you enter your meeting, do you know what percent of the entire Buying Decision Team is there? what weight your contact has on the (read on...)

Provocation-Based Selling: Proving Pain Does Not Close a Sale

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A friend sent me the Harvard Business Review article written by my hero Geoffrey Moore and two of his colleagues – Todd Hewlin and Philip Lay – titled “In a Downturn, Provoke Your Customers.” REALLY? BUYERS BUY BECAUSE THEY ARE IN PAIN? REALLY? I found the article ruefully (read on...)

Qualifying Leads: Why Lead Scoring Is Inadequate

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Here are some numbers I’ve recently read: through marketing automation we are closing between 2-8% of leads (as per Jeff Lenskold), 70% of leads buy something (as per Steve Gershik) but not necessarily during the time we are scoring and nurturing them, and 90% of leads ‘fall out the (read on...)