Competitors: Enemies or Not?

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Conventional wisdom would have us believe that a business should want to crush and destroy all competitors. That may not be wise. Of course a business wants to stay in business long-term; wants to make money; and wants to provide good, well paying jobs to all who work there. But to do that by (read on...)

4 Stages of Building Your Customer Herd: Lessons Learned From a Baby Horse

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In business it’s more important than ever to build your tribe, or your herd. One of our mares here at the Hacienda just had a baby horse. The Hacienda is our working Spanish horse ranch. Getting the trust of a beautiful foal reminds me a lot like earning the trust of a new customer. A (read on...)

Get New Customers Without Advertising

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As the saying goes “customers are the lifeblood of every business”. There will be no business without people patronizing you.The more prospects you attract, increases the conversion rate of your prospects to customers. Advertising is a popular and widely used form of attracting (read on...)

5 Reasons Why "Buy Now And Save [$X.XX]" Doesn’t Work

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You see it all the time. In store windows, in sales circulars, even on television. The core message always boils down to the same thing: “Buy my crap and save [$x.xx]” It doesn’t work, and here’s why not. When you say “Buy now and save [$x.xx]”, what (read on...)

Make It Easy for Them to Buy From You

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As a professional speaker, I spend more time at airports than I do eating, sleeping or singing in the shower. Last week, after dragging my bags across the semi-dark of the OR Thambo parking garage, I found a little pink Post-It note attached to the side-view mirror of my car. It had a name and a (read on...)

Location Based Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

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Location based mobile apps such as Foursquare and SCVGR are another way for small businesses to reach customers that are actively using their mobile devices to update friends and followers about what they are doing including being your customer. Whether you want your business to be included in (read on...)

Is A Daily Deal The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

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Companies like Groupon and Living Social have developed large networks of customers that are actively seeking new products and services. Whether to participate in a daily is a big decision to make for a small business owner that is looking for exposure to a large existing customer base in their (read on...)

3 Tips for Finding New Clients

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It was back many years ago and my first day on the job in my new sales career. Nervous? Absolutely! I was driving up to the Knoxville office of the old Digital Equipment Corporation where I spent 15 years of my career. I had just completed the Internal Sales Development Program and was excited to (read on...)

Understand Who Your Customers Really Are

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Without customers we wouldn’t have businesses. For most of us in business our customers reigns supreme and we spend our days attracting them, servicing them and trying to keep them. To do this we need to understand exactly who they are. Working with businesses we typically find there are (read on...)

New and Different Versus Old and the Same

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As human beings we have a desire for stability and routine while at the same time we want excitement and surprise. We need both. Sometimes one more than the other, but some kind of a balance, for sure. We watch movies and sports for entertainment. If they were entirely predictable, we would be (read on...)