How Promotional Products Can Help to Grow Your Customer List

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In today’s oversaturated advertising market, the use of promotional products can play a viable and extremely beneficial role, providing an ROI at least equal to other major forms of advertising. Recent research by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) states that it may (read on...)

The Gold in Old Customer Files

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In the late 1970s, mining companies learned that there were fortunes to be made by processing the refuse of older gold mines. The “tailings” as they were called contained gold and other minerals which were too costly to extract when originally processed. Thanks to technological (read on...)

Do You Engage in "Coopetition"? You Should!

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The way that many companies keep their customer lists, they have the names and assorted contact information for everyone who’s ever bought from them and gave them such information. That’s about it. And this is those companies that even bother to keep customer lists at all. Of course (read on...)

Your Customer List Is Your Most Valuable Asset

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On Saturday, we went into town and my son bought a pirate outfit. He just loves walking around withhis eye-patch, fake sword and head band pretending he is a pirate. Not to mention finding the treasure;-) He has a special treasure map and is constantly looking for it. How about you? Do you have a (read on...)

A Virtual Assistant Can Make Money For Your Business

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You may have multiple tasks and projects you need help with or maybe you just need your Virtual Assistant to do customer service. In either case, your Virtual Assistant could be making you money IF she knows how to back end sell your other products or services. A lot of business people with (read on...)

Marketing Your Business Post Recession

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This year (2010) may be the toughest year for business for more than two generations. Most of the world has suffered from recession and corporations are failing. Past recessions have shown, however, that some businesses will continue to thrive. A key factor in their success will be (read on...)

How to Build Credibility With Prospective Customers

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When we are in a buying position there a number of things which go through our mind before we make a positive or a negative decision. One of the first things we do, is to determine what we feel about the person who is presenting some sort of offer to us. We evaluate that person and the way we do (read on...)

Make Big Money With a Small Client List

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Do you think your database of customers isn’t large enough for you to reach your sales goals? If you think that the only way you can make big money is with a bigger list, don’t believe that for a second longer. Even if you have only a very small database, you can extract very large (read on...)

How to Get Customer Testimonials

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One way to convince new customers to give your business a chance is to let them hear or read what current and previous customers have to say about you. The trick is in figuring out how to get customer testimonials. While it would be nice if your customers sent you rave reviews about your product (read on...)