The Conscience of a Leader: How to Stay True to Yourself and STILL Achieve Exceptional Results

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Nuraini has been appointed as the Manager of a Customer Care Centre of a large multi-national company for the past 3 months. One of Nuraini’s first tasks is to improve the efficiency of the Customer Care Centre. The main reason that the company is now focusing on improving efficiency is (read on...)

Treat Them Like Gold

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The importance of treating customers like the gold they are cannot be overstated. Attracting new ones today can be extremely challenging. It is an understatement to refer to today’s business conditions as challenging. For most businesses conditions are downright brutal. If demand is growing (read on...)

The 1st 100 Days In Your New Sales Territory: Establish and Develop Your Selling Resources

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It is vital that you immediately begin to establish and develop your selling and problem solving company resources. Phrases and terms like “Hit the ground running”, “Quick Study”, and “Rainmaker”, are all associated with getting off to a great start in your new (read on...)

Marketing at Its Best – Your WHY and Who Are Your Real Customers?

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How we achieved 80% of the market in the Canadian Government’s installations of Fax machines in just 2 years and dominated Xerox’s sales team efforts. This short story is to explain what happened in a volatile and dynamic market place and to encourage those that wish to be (read on...)

Selling by Identifying the Pain

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In order to sell effectively we have to be interested in our customers, to feel empathy for them and to translate our product knowledge into language that is meaningful for them. We do this by asking questions to gather information (the diagnosis stage), actively listening, confirming (read on...)

Selling – Help Your Customers Decide Between Price and Value

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I arrived home the other evening and started thumbing through the mail, which included a few bills. One was for our home and contents insurance policy. “Hold on”, I thought. “It can’t be that much!” I immediately found last years account and got out the calculator. (read on...)

Lovers, Friends and Strangers

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Lovers, friends and strangers-three categories of people we will all be familiar with in our personal lives, but the same three categories exist in the corporate world. Our target market comprises these three categories. So what is the significance of this distinction? Its brilliance lies in its (read on...)

Effective Use of Telemarketing

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The telemarketing sector is running on taut territory. There are resources that the call center needs to protect. They have to work on tight financial leashes because clients are running on a cash crunch as well. Finally, there’s the competitive market out there that your BPO unit has to (read on...)

Traits of a Telemarketing Agent

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The call center industry firmly believes that for an agent to be a successful telemarketer, he/she needs to be trained well. While this notion cannot be refuted, there is no reason to take it as the Gospel of truth. There are several ways in which soft skills make a successful BPO agent. These (read on...)

10 Ways to Guarantee Repeated Sales

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Selling or making sales is an art which needs to be mastered by every sales and marketing practitioner. The goal of sales is not to do a once-off transaction but generate repeat sales in the future. Having been involved in retailing of IT products I have see what keeps a client coming and what (read on...)