Sell-ing Thru Life

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“Our purpose in life is not learning how to survive the storm; rather it’s learning how to dance in the rain.” Interesting bumper stickers abound. Usually I wonder why someone would want to drive a billboard on wheels. There goes the paint job and their option to change their (read on...)

Using Social Media Buttons on a Sales Page

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How many times have you considered using a social media link or button somewhere on your sales page? Sales pages are the ideal form of marketing for a product or service you are trying to sell, and a sales page isn’t complete without your call-to-action button. But, who’s to say that (read on...)

Telephone Skills – How to Polish Them and Increase Your Sales?

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Body Current market situation has made it tough for the wholesale businesses to flourish. These suppliers work hard to build their brand and capture some portion of the saturated market. The formula for ensuring repeat sales is best presented by Dr. Janelle Barlow, “Reinforcing a brand (read on...)

Warning: Torture Chamber Unsuitable For Wheelchair Users

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Not everyone thinks of it but knowing who would not make good customers is every bit as important as knowing who does make good customers. Novice businesspeople and even beginning marketers would like to think that everyone’s a potential customer but that’s simply not true. In fact, (read on...)

The Quintessence of Having a Good Business Card

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Never down play the power of a good business card and the leverage you can gain from it. Your business card is a representative of you when you are not there. It epitomizes the image and personality of your organization. A well-made business card can be the difference maker between success and (read on...)

Don’t Forget the Customer in the Rush to Digital

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Kraft’s European vice president of marketing, Daryl Fielding, was recently quoted as saying “don’t forget customer needs in the rush to digital”, and for me this serves to highlight some of the problems that marketers face as they look at new technologies to help them (read on...)

Child Care Providers: Commit to Nurturing the Relationship With Your Customer

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Once parents have enrolled their child, a child care center may make the mistake of thinking their marketing effort is done. It is not; you as a child care provider must nurture the relationship with the customer by engaging parents in different ways such as hosting events or providing invaluable (read on...)

Equip A Sales Team With iPads And Close New Clients Faster

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If you’re seeking a way to improve your sales team that’s servicing referrals from a joint venture marketing partner and want to increase their productivity while meeting with new clients than consider equipping them with an Apple iPad. The iPad will allow your sales team members to (read on...)

The Essentials of Proper Business Branding

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The Brand is the IdentityA brand may refer to products or services, but branding involves much more than that. It is the process by which those offerings and the values of the company are communicated to the buying public. When done correctly, this process can clearly identify any company and (read on...)

It’s Simple to Be an Amazing Salesperson!

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” Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~ Leo Buscaglia Recently, a small group of our family gathered at my house for dinner. (read on...)