Acculturation Levels in the US Latino Consumer Marketplace

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WHAT IS ACCULTURATION? Acculturation is a process that an individual undergoes in a new subculture. When someone is new to an established system of life, he/she is exposed to foreign elements that are confusing for the first time, from meaningless things people say, to what they see in the (read on...)

Best Buy Is Reinventing Their Business, Will They Make It?

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I read a story about Best Buy in the Wall Street Journal recently and it seems that interim CEO Mike Mikan is ready to reinvent the business and make it “more relevant, more intelligent and more nimble”. It will be interesting to watch this play out and see if they can adapt their (read on...)

Employee Engagement Can Happen, Even If Your World Is Flat

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When I work with organizations that are trying to improve their employee engagement I often hear something like “well it’s tough to keep people engaged here because there’s not a lot of opportunity for advancement”. Relatively flat companies don’t feel like they have (read on...)

Are You A Cheerleader Or An Invalidator?

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Managers have many roles and responsibilities the least of which is to contribute to an employee’s self worth and not invalidate them. Know which is your tendency? Know the direct and indirect consequences of each? A cheerleader – an uncritically enthusiastic supporter. To make others (read on...)

Is Your Business Sustainable? Answer These 3 Questions

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Some of the best educated, most experienced business leaders I know still drive their business by looking in the rear view mirror. They look at last month or last quarter or last year and try direct the future of their business based largely on that information. That might have actually worked (read on...)

The Six Quickest Ways to Ruin Your Business

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There are business books, consultants and case studies on how to run a business that provide well intended advice; however, the subject usually becomes centered on financial metrics. Cash flow, policy, products, and sales are integral to any business and I leave that to others. I am not a (read on...)

Private Equity Learning Cultures: Postmortems and Deliberate Practice

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Albert Einstein quipped that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Are some private equity firms guilty of this by forfeiting an effective learning opportunity? World-class businesses espouse learning cultures that strive to (read on...)

Paradise Islands: What Is Hidden Between the Lines of Tourism Marketing Copy?

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Barbados may be small but it has a lot of heart for a little island, projecting the characteristic and indomitable charisma of its people far onto the world stage. At just 14 miles wide and 21 long, you’ll be surprised at the amount of holiday and cultural entertainment that can be crammed (read on...)

Managing High Growth: Using Your Culture for Competitive Advantage

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In earlier articles I have talked about the importance of culture in high growth businesses.I asserted how culture is considered a soft skill and that most business people tend to ignore it, mostly because there is no immediate quantifiable benefit and of course because it involves dealing with (read on...)

Culture – Getting the One You Want

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This short article will give you practical steps to identify the culture you have now and the culture you would like to have to support you as a high growth business. We have talked earlier about the importance of a strong company culture in a high growth business and how it should be a critical (read on...)