From Peer to Supervisor: 6 Tips for an Easier Transition

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To make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your former peers, identify which “crucial conversation” you can engage them in. Doing so will help remove unnecessary awkwardness and tension and help both of you to adjust to your new role and relationship. 1. Acknowledge (read on...)

Management Development – Crucial Conversations

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At some point during a working career, everyone ends up having a crucial conversation. A crucial conversation is one where there is a variety of opinions on the same subject, where the stakes are high, and where emotions are running strongly. The conversation may be challenging, frustrating, (read on...)

7 Principles Strategically Thinking Managers Use For Performance Enhancing Conversations

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Over-riding Operating Principle: Individual and Team Performance is a function of motivation, times competence, times congratulations, times cash. Principle #1: When peers connect and engage, we leverage the power of peer pressure to enhance individual and team performance. Just as effective (read on...)

Crucial Conversations

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1) If you know you must have a crucial conversation, prepare for it. When is it worth the time to prepare? If you have these three items of a crucial conversation: When an important issue is involved. The other person or group has a different view from yours. The other person may have a reaction (read on...)

Speak in a Manner Others Can Hear

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Would you like to increase your ability to “Speak in Manner Others Can Hear”? The key skill is to start your crucial conversations with a factual observation, not a judgment. You should observe facts about a situation that you want to discuss. Hopefully, you can state the facts in a (read on...)

How to Keep Your Focus

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Once we know what we really want in a given situation, the trick is to keep our focus when we encounter difficulties. If our goal is difficult and complex, we will encounter difficulties and need to handle them through crucial conversations. If we don’t handle them well, they may throw us (read on...)

Power and Caring

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On the job we need to have both power and caring. Consider this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” What thoughts does this quote prompt in you? Your (read on...)

The Three Dimensions of Trust

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Webster offers numerous definitions for trust but the first one you would see if you were to look is: “total confidence in the integrity, ability and good character of another.” That definition offers a fine starting point. At the same time something I read recently in the book, (read on...)