Fraud Awareness Programs: Employee Training to Combat Fraud

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The financial scandals at the turn of the 21st century eroded investor confidence and public trust. In response, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002. Nevertheless fraud and corruption continue to exist and the extent of white-collar crime is startling. The 2012 Report to the (read on...)

Integrity – The Iceberg Analogy – Above the Waterline – Part 1

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What is integrity? Integrity is like an iceberg. We can easily see the visible part above the waterline, but the larger part is below the water. And colliding with either can sink a person, an organization, or an entire nation. The visible parts of the iceberg – let’s call them (read on...)

What Can a CIO Do to Prevent Fraud?

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When you become CIO, it turns out that you’re going to have a lot more on your mind than just how to use the latest and greatest technology to help the company run faster. You’ve got a problem that starts with “F” and rhymes with “Baud” and that stands for (read on...)

How Departments Deviate From PPRA Regulations

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Corruption in procurement is a serious issue in Pakistan. The formation of PPRA (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority) is the first sincere effort to take some control of the situation. The rules designed by PPRA provide a broad regulatory framework for transparent public sector procurements (read on...)