Eight Ways to Conduct a Successful and Informative Meeting

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Formal and Informal Meetings are an essential part of work life inside larger Companies. In fact often the larger the Company, the more meetings employees may have to attend, irrespective of the workload they have to complete. Some employees resent meetings, others see meetings as an opportunity (read on...)

Business Plans – A Fast-Track Guide

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There are two main reasons for creating a Business Plan and Cash Flow Projection:- To give you something to follow and to detail what’s in your head – what you intend to do and how you intend to do it; along with how much business you expect to transact and the profits you expect to (read on...)

Rediscovering the Corporate Soul

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Certain organizations show passion, commitment and the ability to achieve sustained success. Their people are consistently excited by their work, intensely focused, and extremely energetic. Unfortunately, too many companies seem disorganized, unfocused and unproductive. Their people are (read on...)

Does it Make Sense For Smaller Companies to Use an Executive Search Firm?

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Whether it’s because of retirements, resignations, growth, mergers and acquisitions, marketplace issues, new products or new service or market expansion, at some point every business deals with changes in its management team. As a result, the addition or replacement of a key management (read on...)

The Importance of Having a Good Corporate Identity

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Money is well spent if you have a modern office and the best workforce. But, despite all these, if your business does not identify itself or if it does not have a signature of its own, the punch is missing. A well designed and good quality corporate identity speaks for itself and you should let (read on...)

Cast Your First Impression With a Killer Brand Image

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It’s not always product quality that decides the success of a business. More often than not, a brand becomes pivotal towards deciding the performance of a product in the market. Well known brands always have the upper edge as people trust them for their quality. Every brand needs some time (read on...)

Importance of Buyer Feedback For the Perfect Logo Design

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The association of businesses with their logos is natural; a fact that cannot be overlooked. More often than not, it is the logo that remains etched on people’s mind; not the business/company name or description. Such is the impact of a powerful logo. However, it is not often that one comes (read on...)

Simple Guidelines to Designing an Effective Logo

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Logos build up your online identity and as such should reflect your business objectives as well as effuse professionalism. Without these, your brand might sink into oblivion. Over the years, the logo designing industry has been significantly expanding. A good logo designer is one who combines his (read on...)

Simplified Design – Develop Your Corporate ID Plan With a Clean Slate and an Open Mind

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 One of the most efficient ways to build the graphics for your company is to start with the seed of an idea, and expand it from there. When you are looking for a starting point, write down the smallest of ideas in a portable notebook or paper pad. For those of you who are e-savvy, create a file (read on...)

Corporate Gifts – Maintain Business Relationship

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In our life relationship with other people and friends and relatives are very essential. A good relationship with others always creates better output. In the business world or corporate world it is also right. If you have good relationship with the people around you then you can get better (read on...)