Revolution and the Parallels to the Lack of Executive Virtue in Business

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With every success there is responsibility, regardless if you are striving for political success or business success, in principle there is no difference. The political revolutions that have happened throughout history, and are happening right now, provide a back drop for understanding; anyone (read on...)

The Number One Core Competency to Succeed Today

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What is the number one core competency to be successful in the corporate world today? You may say it is communication, honesty, relationship-building, innovation or empowerment. While undeniably important, these competencies will not drive your corporate success in this recession. If there is any (read on...)

Enhance Your Brand Through Returns on Influence

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In one my previous posts I did mention that returns on influence now has multifaceted meanings and implications for brands, either personal or corporate. In that said post, I did not give full detail on what each meant. In this piece I intend to make further clarification on how brand owner, (read on...)

The Icarus Paradox – Why Some Nigerian Banks Failed!

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Some Nigerian banks have become victims of their own success. This is especially true following the last bank consolidation exercise undertaken by the Central Bank of Nigeria. While it is a bit difficult to explain how a perfectly profitable business such as a bank can just fail almost overnight, (read on...)