Choosing the Best Copywriting Services

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It’s not hard to prove that the right copywriting services can have a very positive impact on business results. But if you choose the wrong copywriter, you may end up paying a good deal of money for a very mediocre or even a poor outcome. Many people put up a website and call themselves (read on...)

Bypass Your Readers’ Spam Filter: Trance Breaking 101

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We come across hundreds of advertisements each day. Whether on the internet, the television, in a magazine, or on the road, we are constantly being sold to. Think about how many advertisements you view each day. Now, think about how many products you buy because of those advertisements. If (read on...)

Sell Fast – Strip It Down, Make It Cheap, Hype It Up

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What does it take to sell lots of your products and services in today’s slow economy? You can double, triple, even expand your sales by a factor of 10. But you must think a little differently about what it takes to win over customers. Here is how selling online and off has changed in the (read on...)

What You Should Put in Your Newsletter

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The best way to keep your customers loyal and ‘in touch’ with your business is through sending out regular newsletters. That’s all well and good, but coming up with fresh material every month can be draining. Knowing what your customers want can be difficult, which usually (read on...)

The Secret to Creating Sizzling Money-Making Advertisements

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A lot of people ask me for advice on how to improve the results of their advertisements. That’s a common problem, advertisement or marketing campaigns that just aren’t bringing in the big bucks like expected, and that’s simply because most ads fail to gather new clients and (read on...)

Entertainment – How it Can Make You Millions Or Cost You Everything

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Marketing and sales is tricky, a lot of psychology is involved. It’s also a science, and not just any brilliant person can become a successful marketer and businessman overnight. Over my years of experience I have learned what bad marketing is, and what good marketing is, and I’ve (read on...)

Why Logic is Costing You Money

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Are you racking your brain for why your marketing techniques aren’t as successful as you would like them to be? Why aren’t people buying your product when logic dictates that it will benefit them by giving them a solution to a problem, and benefit you with money in your pocket? Seems (read on...)