The Absolute WORST Word to Use When Targeting Young Adults

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“Cool.” Yes, that’s a four letter word if you’re trying to market to young adults. If you use that bad word again, I’m going to have to wash your mouth out with Axe body wash. Allow me to scream the insults of that word. Wait, scratch that, I don’t need to do (read on...)

Plush Stuffed Toys – Marketing Is Everything

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If you want to be a successful plush toy manufacturer, you should treat marketing as if it’s the Holy Grail. Most inventors of custom plush toys would tell you that marketing is everything and for good reason. It’s like having a website. If you don’t market your website using (read on...)

Officially Licensed Temporary Tattoos – A Good Marketing Strategy?

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A lot of people and groups are on the lookout for effective marketing strategies and for good reason. This is because we live in a competitive world and this is especially true in competitive industries like sports. Sporting teams compete on the court but they also compete off the court as well. (read on...)

Custom Bobble Heads – Beware of Hidden Charges

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The process of using custom bobble heads for a promotional campaign is an easy process. All you need to do is contact a reliable custom figurine manufacturer with your idea and you can just wait for the bobble head dolls to arrive. It’s that easy. You don’t have to do a lot of (read on...)

Giving Out Temporary Tattoos at Parades

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Parades are one of the most fun activities out there. In fact, a lot of people look forward to it. They’ll get out there hours before the parade itself just so they can get a great vantage point. They’ll patiently wait for hours under the scorching heat of the sun and clap excitedly (read on...)

Using Bobble Head Dolls to Promote Your Book or Comics

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A lot of popular individuals and businesses owe a part of their popularity to custom bobble heads. They had bobble head dolls customized in order to be used as a promotional tool. With the help of a good custom figurine manufacturer, they had a promotional strategy that was hip and fresh. This (read on...)

Custom Bobble Heads – Having Them Made for the First Time

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Why should you care about custom bobble heads if you are a local celebrity or someone looking to promote yourself or your business? The answer is very simple. You can have bobble head dolls made with the intention of using them to promote yourself or your business. It may or may not come to you (read on...)

How to Kill Your Brand in One Commercial

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You can’t turn a minivan into a guitar amp. But you sure can turn a guitar amp into a minivan. Have you seen Honda’s new commercial for their Odyssey minivan? I didn’t catch the beginning, but at some point a middle aged suburban dad opens the back of his minivan to discover a (read on...)

How the 1980s Ruined Advertising – Part 1 – The Rise of "Cool"

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Was the rise of Chiat/Day and their imitators, self-proclaimed “creative” agencies, the death knell for effective advertising? A new, post-modern school of advertising had emerged in the 1980’s, one that paid fleeting homage to the spirit of Bill Bernbach but eschewed Rosser (read on...)

Use USB People (Men & Women) To Promote Your Business!

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USB Memory sticks aren’t a particularly new item by any stretch of the imagination. I can still remember when their memory capacity was barely larger than the old floppy disks, with the high end sticks topping around 64MB. Fast forward to 2009, and memory is in plentiful supply, 8GB sticks (read on...)