Customer Loyalty Begins With Employee Loyalty

February 4, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

Customer loyalty is fast becoming a key strategic initiative for most businesses because loyal customers stay with your organization, and will continue to buy your products or services. Revenue and profitability are important business indicators, but too often they reflect decisions an (read on...)

What Basics?

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The cyclical and now ubiquitously appearing phrase, back to basics, ignites supporters. The reasonableness of returning to previously successful principles, ethics, systems, accountability, approaches, or you-name-it, appears a tantalizing remedy for our individual or collective woes. Who can (read on...)

How to Ensure Customers and Employees Recognize Your Organization’s Value

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Organizations cannot optimize their business results unless their customers and their employees clearly recognize the significant value they provide. How can you discover whether these two important groups really see this value? Ask them. To discover whether your customers perceive the value your (read on...)