The Basics of Construction Marketing

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Often, a tradesman or construction professional will have a lot of skill in their specific trade, but don’t have a lot of experience in the business of contracting. I see this example a lot. A painter or plumber or carpenter has been working for a company for many years and has learned all (read on...)

Retainage Is Outdated and Causes Problems

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Retainage, or “retention” as it is sometimes called, is a financial quirk found only in the construction industry that causes unnecessary financial distress for any party on which it is imposed: general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and so on. The rationale behind (read on...)

What’s Your USP? A Crucial Marketing Tip For Small Business Owners

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If you were asked to describe your business in a sentence or two, what would you say? Would you say something like, “We’re an electrical contractor serving the tri-county area that’s been in business for 35 years.” Or, “We do commercial and residential plumbing jobs (read on...)

Revisiting a Construction Safety Management Plan

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In compliance to a recent directive from the management of a contracting company, all project managers and supervisors and key construction personnel are required to convene and revisit their existing Construction Safety Management Plan (CSMP). In a highly competitive industry, it always pays to (read on...)

The Importance of Construction Safety Management Plans and Templates

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Construction Safety Management Plan A construction safety management plan could really help a safety manager do their jobs in construction sites, not to mention that they help the construction workers more directly too. These plans are made for the safety of all employees in the site, as well as (read on...)

How-To Keep Your Business Visible During Construction

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Construction causes a dilemma that most retailers don’t anticipate and don’t know how to overcome. Road closures, building renovations, and large construction areas can have a dramatic affect on retail businesses. The chaos of construction can make your store disappear behind (read on...)

The Use of 3D Visualisation in Advertising

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This is surely the age of technology based information, we are utterly surrounded by it, moreover, we are deeply and inextricably part of it; sharing information on the numerous blogs and the cacophony of social media outlets. Advertising firms are well aware of society’s ever-growing need (read on...)

Great Construction Project Management Tips

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Every construction task is detailed and it might be confusing. Whether you are building a small home or a large skyscraper there are certain jobs to be finished and points to be worked out. This will make it hard for the construction manager to keep track of everything that is happening. It (read on...)

How Upselling In Construction Marketing Can Boost Your Construction Business

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Have you noticed whenever you buy a burger, the sales people always try to persuade you to ‘Go Large’, or have ‘extra fries’ etc. Have you also noticed at the checkout of every superstore are racks of things you would not have thought of buying, but as you stand there (read on...)

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

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The construction industry has been through a tough time. Although the bad news about redundancies, job losses and construction companies going bust is beginning to diminish, we are still hearing reports in the press of hard times for the industry. Most construction business owners are waking up (read on...)

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