Make the Most of Networking Events Using LinkedIn

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This LinkedIn article, which, by the way, is an advanced strategy tip for those who have ventured past the preferable beginner connection strategy of knowing everyone in your first degree. I will start by asking you a question: “How many times do you go to a conference or networking event (read on...)

Conference Organisers – Top 5 Reasons to Create On-Demand Print Edition

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If you are a conference organizer and have the responsibility of collecting all the papers, reviewing them, and seeing to it that they get published in one format or another, you understand the work involved. With the focus on electronic distribution, it seems clear that you will produce or hire (read on...)

Is the Success of Your Next Meeting in the Hands of the Wrong Person?

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Introduction Here’s a study in contrasts: Scenario A: The user group meeting was even better than anticipated: from registration and delegate correspondence, from guest accommodations to meeting rooms, from large group meetings to break-out sessions, from buffet breakfasts, morning and (read on...)

Conference Lanyards Are The Best Choice For Your Gathering

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If you attend conferences often, then you know there is nothing more embarrassing than calling someone the wrong name. One of the most important aspects to note about a conference, is the sheer volume of people who attend these functions, they could number into the hundreds, sometimes thousands. (read on...)

Business Keynote Speaker for Employee Motivation

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Needless to say, a business keynote speaker should be able to present his case only so well in regard to business. He must prove that he is worthier than a traditional company speaker and he must really guarantee change after a series of speeches at the company with employees. Even though (read on...)

The Case for Face-To-Face

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Who needs a face-to-face group meeting anymore? With the Internet, web conferencing, webinars and social media, there’s really no need for people to deal with traffic, travel costs and other hassles related to face-to-face, in-person meetings, right? Not so fast! Recent studies have shown (read on...)

Build Business by Running Your Own Events

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Have you ever thought about hosting your own events? Here are 10 reasons why you should. Sponsoring or exhibiting at conferences, trade shows and expos can be a great way to get exposure to potential clients and secure new deals for your business. However, they can also be very expensive and (read on...)

Choosing the Right Venue For Your Business Event

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If you are interested in holding your business meetings or want to meet up with clients or companies then the first and foremost thing they need to keep in mind is that of a good venue. Choosing the right meeting venue is very important. One will have to decide the place of holding the meeting. (read on...)

Marketing the Heart of London

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A unique business tourism marketing collective started in 2003 that, more than any other, serves to remind us all that Westminster, in the heart of London, is still the pre-eminent business tourism destination in the world with an abundance of excellent venues, hotels and services that cannot be (read on...)

Marketing Speaker Cites Fallacy of CRM – Customer Relationship Management

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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management is a general term for a system that helps us to keep track of customer names, transactions, and preferences, while giving us a sense of each buyer’s purported profitability. Tracking a customer’s profitability enables us to focus on the winners (read on...)

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