The Importance of Monetizing All Aspects Of Your Client List – Members and Non-Members Alike

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Are you leaving money on the table? Have you thought about how you’re monetizing your business, and more importantly, who you’re monetizing in your business? If you have a membership program or site, a continuity program that has members paying you a monthly fee, a paid newsletter (read on...)

Why All Serious Business Owners Invest In Mentors and Coaches

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What do a checkbook and a mentor have in common? When you invest in yourself, you’re investing in your ultimate success. All successful people invest in mentors and coaches to help them along the way. Whether you can write out the check for the full amount, you pay by the month, or even a (read on...)

Working In Business Instead Of On Business

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Your business goes as you go. If you spend all your time working in your business, your business will not grow, because you aren’t taking the time to think about its growth and how you want to market your business. The one thing in your business you need to have a handle on, and be in (read on...)

Stand Up and Stand Out In Your Business

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Today we live and work in a very competitive world. Whether you are a brick and mortar retailer, an information marketer, an internet marketer, a small business owner of any kind, you need to find ways to stand above your competition in all areas of your business. There are probably many other (read on...)

Tell Good, Compelling Stories To Build Your Business

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When E. F. Hutton Speaks, People Listen. Do you remember that commercial? Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen. That’s what happens when people tell stories or share something that relates to others, we all listen a little more intently, we lean in a little closer. When (read on...)

You Know More Than You Think And You Need To Share Your Message

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We all have a tendency to underestimate our knowledge, what we know, what we can share, and what we have to give to people out there who need to hear us. This happens a lot especially when we attend live events. We have a tendency to sit in these events and we think to ourselves, wow, this (read on...)

Profitable List Building With Relationship Marketing

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Want to know more about getting people to opt-in to your list? List building is one of the most important aspects of your business – no matter what kind of business you have. You always need to have a way for prospects to opt-in to your list so you can continue to market to them and be in (read on...)

Find The Hidden Money In Your Business And Double or Triple Your Profits

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If you have ever been on a cruise, you may have noticed some great marketing lessons. Every day, on cruises, they have a drink of the day and they automatically put that special in a different cup than the rest of the drinks, and you have the privilege of paying $1.50 or $2.00 more for your (read on...)

Why Use Direct Mail As Part of Your Marketing – Isn’t Everybody Online And Tied To Email Anyway?

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One of the biggest questions people ask about direct mail is isn’t everybody online these days? And, why would I invest money in my business (or what most people ask is why would I waste my money in my business) doing direct mail? First, you have to get over the misconception that everybody (read on...)

Standing Apart From the Crowd As The Preferred Provider

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Sometimes you can find great marketing lessons in areas you might not think to look, like from the cruise lines. Cozumel has three ports, and two of the three are exclusively used by Carnival Cruise Lines. And, one of the ports was built specifically for Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival is the (read on...)