3 Ways To Brand Your Business

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Today, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of what the social media such as free-hosting blog sites, Facebook and Twitter has been offering them in order to make their brand known to the world. However, branding does not simply address your business; as the entrepreneur, you also need to come (read on...)

The 5 Reasons Why Web Video Is the Most Economical Tool Your Company Can Use to Increase Profits

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This is the Age of Video. Not only is it everywhere, but technological advancements make it look amazing. Using only a cell phone, video can be captured and uploaded onto YouTube instantly…and people are watching it by the millions. Video and the internet make perfect partners, allowing (read on...)

Is Your Social Media Strategy Like Intel in 2006?

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There is a fascinating article in Saturday’s National Post (one of Canada’s two national newspapers) about Intel. Did you know that in 2006 Intel decided to get out of the mobile business? At that time they didn’t see the future in it. Even some of the best scientific minds (read on...)

More Money for Your Business With Web Design

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How to bring in more money for your business with web design. Most people these days are looking for new ways to add extra income or revenue to their business, but they forget about the easiest and most important way… Through a company website. Websites can be a major part of peoples (read on...)

Why Every Small Business Needs A Well Designed Website

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60% of U.S. businesses have no online presence – a huge mistake at a time that search engines are the first stop in most consumers search to find information about businesses. If your business isn’t online you are missing out on a chance to connect with these consumers. A clean simple (read on...)

Why Your Website Is Better Than Facebook

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If you are a small business and are being counseled by your web developer, your marketing or PR agency to ignore building a website and to put your initial web investment into building a Facebook page, you are getting the wrong advice. 1. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter and all the (read on...)

The Benefits of Using Offline Marketing

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Calling Cards – Definitely use them, get used to not leaving them in the office and leave them with anyone you can “It Works”, you can even get you cards done on cd-roms! Offline Promotion is key to increasing online sales Press releases – Press releases are fantastic for (read on...)