What’s the Call to Action?

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When it comes to marketing your brand, there is always a goal. You want your audience to sign up for your newsletter, follow you in Twitter and Facebook, comment on your blog posts, buy your products, and obtain your services. You want them to complete an objective – to like your posts, (read on...)

How to Monitor Your Business Brand

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Monitoring your business brand is important because it is how you will know if your marketing strategy is effective or not. With businesses taking their brands to social media sites, the need to monitor how brands are perceived by consumers is a must. It is through monitoring that you find out (read on...)

My Personal Branding Breakfast Club

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I had the pleasure of spending an entire day recently at a local coffee shop due to a power outage at my office. As you may have guessed, the mere thought of being without Internet access was completely unacceptable. The plan was so to sit, peck away on the laptop, drink coffee and soak up the (read on...)

How Hospitals Can Reach Out To The Community And Bring Services To The Doorstep Of The Patient

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Whether providers choose to acquire, affiliate, or ally, many of them are seeking to “own” all of the components of an integrated care network. Like the marriage that follows an initial courtship, they vow to provide for all of the healthcare needs during a lifetime-from neo-natal (read on...)

Going HyperLocal

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The term “hyperlocal” originated back in 1991 and referred specifically to local television news content. There were initially three components that determined content “hyperlocal”. First, it refers to entities and events located within a well-defined, community scale (read on...)

Offline? Surely That’s Where It All Started

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You’ve only got to take a look around to realise that the web is not the only place where the written word exists. Undoubtedly, the internet has opened up many avenues for people to promote their products and services in a way that would have not been otherwise possible. Over recent years, (read on...)

How to Use the Media to Achieve Your NGO Goals

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Media meetings provide an opportunity for the NGOs to liaise closely with correspondents and bureau chief/editors who have a passionate disposition in reporting humanitarian efforts. These events help to review relationship with media houses and appreciate their reporting activities. Such events (read on...)

The Ingredients That Make Magical Things Happen

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Elton John, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury all have something in common – aside of a smidge of talent and the fact they all became pop-stars. Watch Elton John perform I’m Still Standing or Billy Joel play My Life at their pianos; witness Freddie Mercury winding up for We (read on...)

The Effective Salesperson’s Guide to Finding Quality Sales Leads

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In sales, ensuring that new, quality, leads are always coming into the sales funnel is critical to the success of the business. To keep the leads coming in, the effective salesperson should know where the potential customers are to communicate with them. Here are a few ways to find these future (read on...)

Helping the Community

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Your local elementary school, park, or church can always use the help of surrounding businesses. Many promotional items can be used for community affairs such as garage sales, carnivals, books fairs, fundraising events, auctions, and more. You can donate unique promotional products to all kinds (read on...)