A Customer’s Perception – Your Brand

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What’s the “Breakfast of Champions”? Which cereal comes in a bright yellow box? Which company is associated with “Just Do It”? Cocoa Puffs cereal is aimed at what type of customer? Which car claims to be “the ultimate driving machine”? Which company is (read on...)

The Basic Guide to Network Management

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For many businesses these days, network management is a vital part of their logistics infrastructure. However, numerous business owners think that simply installing network monitoring systems and management tools in their office will solve all technical issues. In reality, a successful system (read on...)

Positively Spin Any Story for Any Reason: How To Build Positive Communications

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You can take any simple story and make it shine like a new dime. But, taking a negative story and turning it into something bright and shiny is challenging at best. With so many resources to make a choice, which one is best for your organization is the question? The internet has so many choices (read on...)

Marketing A to Z: A Fun Read

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Marketing A to Z: A is for Appreciation – make sure your customers know they are appreciated…send them a card! B is for Brand – live it breath it believe it C is for Cool – no matter what your industry there is always room for an element of ‘cool’ D is for (read on...)

Building Trust at Work

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I had a boss, I’ll call him, Ted. Ted was very political and used his high emotional intelligence to play all sides of every issue just to make sure he was always covered. I heard him lie by fact and omission. So clever was the man that when opinions were asked, he was able to shift (read on...)

Marketing: When All You Need Is a Cardboard Sign

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While the good will of American taxpayers have spared Wall Street, the banks and automotive companies, unfortunately there are… No “Bail Outs” for the Entrepreneur When times were better you could make a relatively good living even with an average product or service, minimal (read on...)

My Really Huge Communications Blunder

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Let’s talk about communications blunders for a few minutes. Like everyone else I’ve made a few, but one of mine really stands out. It’s a little story about how to always make doubly sure the person on the end of the phone line understands exactly what you mean, and not just (read on...)

5 Characteristics That All IT Leaders Have

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Anyone can be placed in an IT leadership position; however, what kind of skills does it take to do a good job of being an IT leader? There are a lot of IT managers out there who would like to know the answer to that question. If you are one of them, then I’ve got good news for you – I (read on...)

How to Stand Out in a Brand Standards World

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What would a communications program be like without brand standards? Inconsistent-and ineffective because of it. Providing an inconsistent brand experience would undermine a company’s brand and program objectives. Large corporations need to adhere to brand standards to communicate a (read on...)

Everyone Is In Sales!

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Yes, you heard me. Everyone of us is in Sales You might be thinking, “Wait, I’m not in sales. Salespersons are those that make ‘cold calls’ and ‘pound the pavement’ and work on commission. Or, you might think of ‘sales’ as simply a word in a (read on...)