How to Monitor Your Business Brand

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Monitoring your business brand is important because it is how you will know if your marketing strategy is effective or not. With businesses taking their brands to social media sites, the need to monitor how brands are perceived by consumers is a must. It is through monitoring that you find out (read on...)

Best Buy Is Reinventing Their Business, Will They Make It?

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I read a story about Best Buy in the Wall Street Journal recently and it seems that interim CEO Mike Mikan is ready to reinvent the business and make it “more relevant, more intelligent and more nimble”. It will be interesting to watch this play out and see if they can adapt their (read on...)

Why Companies Need to Use Print to Improve Their Marketing Success

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Imagine trying to communicate without print. For some years print has been an unloved form of communication. E-communication has been all the rage. Marketing and sales teams dream of communicating with all customers purely by e-mail and web advertising. But now the tide is turning. Print is back (read on...)

What Are The 7 Rules of Alignment and Why Does Your Business Need to Follow Them?

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If you build a language that allows you to articulate what success looks like, your employees will align and order will reign supreme. The key to organization is consistent communication about your company, each and every time. This means you must remember to have a conversation with new hires, (read on...)

Delegation – A Success Essential

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“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” -Theodore Roosevelt Leaders would agree that this quote is filled with wisdom but the critical question is, (read on...)

5 Things a New Manager Should Know

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I often get to work with people who have recently been promoted into management positions for the first time and it’s some of the most rewarding work that I do. There is no handbook on leadership and many of us struggle tremendously at first. An organization grants us some authority and all (read on...)

Are Your Company Values Fanciful Words or A Measurable Compass?

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Building a company and brand today is very different from building one 50 years ago. It used to be that a couple of executives got together in a board room, wrote some fanciful, aspirational words on a flip chart and Bobs your uncle, the company’s values and brand positioning was (read on...)

As a Manager, You’d Never Let Ego Get in the Way, Would You?

May 1, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

I want to share the following scenario for you to consider from your own management experience: An interdepartmental project was well underway, involving three departments: Dept’s A and B, are more heavily involved than the third, C. Head of Dept A, Steve, has jumped in and taken on the (read on...)

Planning Projects

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The five vital phases of a project are planning, leading, organizing, managing and executing. Out of these planning plays a vital role in the project. It makes sure that the project is in the best quality, in time and cost efficient and finally satisfies the stake holder’s objective of the (read on...)

Consultative Selling Is a Lie!

April 28, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

It is a somewhat provocative title, I know, but it did grab your attention, right? I come across quite some salespeople that claim to be ‘consultative sellers’ or even worse: ‘advisers’. I always wonder who they are trying to fool; themselves, the customer or both. What is (read on...)

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