How to Market Your Coaching Program in Five Cheap and Effective Ways

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If you have a coaching practice and you think that it would be pricey to start a marketing program you would be wrong. You might be somewhat pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a number of free or inexpensive yet powerful marketing ideas available that you can implement in order to (read on...)

Coaching Is About Winning and a Lot More

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In our society we put a lot of emphasis on athletics. We cheer our favorite football, basketball or baseball team to their victories and feel their pain when they lose. A fast glimpse during most sporting events will always show the coach for each team. Short or tall, wide or narrow, aggressive (read on...)

How to Get Paying Clients For a Life Coaching Or Other Service Business

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Focus on narrow markets or niches I know, it’s scary to focus on just one section of the market. There are so many prospective clients out there, why concentrate on just a few? Here’s the reason. Your marketing efforts need to demonstrate that you can bring people the results they are (read on...)

Marketing Your Coaching Business Successfully

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When you first pictured starting a coaching program you probably thought it would be easy and you would quickly create an income however, it is highly like that you have discovered very quickly that coaching is a business and needs to be treated like a business. Just like any business, a coaching (read on...)

The Nine Musts of Marketing a Coaching Business

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A lot of coaches tend to shy away from learning about sales and marketing despite it being the most important skill any coach can use. You may be the best coach in the world but what if no one knows about you. You cannot bury this head on this one. It doesn’t matter how good a coach you (read on...)

Being Authentic Will Build Your Coaching Business Provided You Go Beyond Just Selling

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With the exponential explosion in the professional services field of coaching, how you build your coaching business begins with being authentic and reinforced with a solid marketing action plan. Unfortunately, there is a lot more authenticity than solid strategies for: Attracting (read on...)

Coaching Practice – How to Use All Kinds of Marketing Strategies in Your Business

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When it comes to any kind of business, you have to make it a point to utilize all kinds of marketing strategy that you can get your hands on. Life coaching is a business endeavour that offers a lot of possibilities despite the fact that there is a very tight market to move around in at the (read on...)

Coaching Business – How to Get Coaching Clients From Offline Marketing

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You have worked hard on getting certified as a life coach. Chosen the field of expertise you want to practice. Now, you are on your way to getting yourself marketed. To be sure that you will be able to reach the widest range of potential customers possible, you are exploring all marketing (read on...)

Coaches and VAs – Is Your Business Brand Overshadowing What You Offer?

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There is no question that branding is an important factor when creating a successful business. Deciding on your business values and USPs through to the look and feel of your website and the colour and shape of your logo are all important considerations when deciding on how to attract clients to (read on...)