Getting More From Fewer People – 5 Things Companies Should Be Doing NOW!

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Let’s face it, the US economy is still struggling. Some of this is due to politics, some of it is due to other nations having their own economic problems and, because we live in a world that is now interdependent, the US is affected, and some is due to how Corporate America itself is (read on...)

What a Leadership Development Program Should Teach

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I’ve had the opportunity to build leadership development programs for many different kinds of organizations and occasionally I get asked about the most important things that a leadership development program should focus on in order to get results. Many programs feel good to the (read on...)

The Diversity Dilemma

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“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and my greatest fear at the moment is that I’m laying the paving stones myself. You see I’m currently restructuring my team at work. This isn’t a small tweak, it’s a major overhaul. It’s (read on...)

If You Only Knew How Much Business You Are Losing – In Other Words Are You Stuck?

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I will guarantee that whoever you are reading this article – that right now you have a personal or business challenge that you wish were over or solved. Am I right? If not you may have a serious issue with denial. I have been selling my entire life; insurance, advertising, machine tools and (read on...)

How’s Your Follow-Up? Sales Leads Are Killing My Business!

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Sales Manager to Salesperson: “We need more sales!” Salesperson to Manager: “Then, get me more leads!” This scene plays out thousands of times per day. Salespeople are hungry for fresh, new prospects. In fact, new leads are the lifeblood of a sales-oriented company. But (read on...)

The 3 Biggest Challenges That Organizations Are Facing and 3 Solutions

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Many people want to know what the biggest challenges are that my clients are facing or that organizations are facing? Today I am going to share with you the three challenges that 80% of my clients experience and I will share with you some tips and best practices that I have used to resolve these (read on...)

Change – The Constant In Organisational Development

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Change is Inevitable Change does not have to be the terror in organisations. As the saying goes “nothing is constant but change.” Change is a must. It is an ongoing process. What worked yesterday will no longer be effective today. Business conditions change rapidly. There are new and (read on...)

Leadership Makes the Difference in the New Economy

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In spite of all the doom and gloom on the news many companies large and small are thriving. What are these companies doing that allows them to step out from the pack? One word: leadership. Our current economy is similar to the playoff season in the NFL. The competition intensifies and stakes (read on...)

Welcome to the New Economy

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This is the New Economy. What do I mean by the New Economy? In the past, calm seas and long periods of steep recovery followed the periods of economic slowdowns. Today recoveries still occur but they’re more fragmented, shorter and less steep. Unfortunately the economy and business (read on...)

Reasons Why People Are Resistant to Changes in the Workplace

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Why do people resist change in the workplace? This is a much debated question. One school of thought suggests that people don’t resist change, they resist being changed. Another school of thought suggests that resistance to change is based on the leader themselves. In this article I will (read on...)