The Hype in Digital Marketing

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There are a number of successful marketing tactics that tap into our mobile phone craze. Some of these tactics include mobile coupons, mobile videos, mobile display ads, branded smartphone apps, scannable codes and text message marketing. Text message marketing has become the number one most used (read on...)

Product Management Case Study: Pay Phones

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I don’t care what kind of product you are in charge of right now, let’s play a game. You are now in charge of a product that all of us see every day: pay phones. What would you do to breathe new life into this dying product line? Everything You Need To Know About Pay Phones Ah, the (read on...)

Window Signs Case Study: Trusted Source Communication

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Company History In 2005, entrepreneur Brad Walsh founded Trusted Source Communication. He was one of the first independent mobile phone retailers in Providence, Rhode Island offering contract-free mobile phone service and VoIP communication. Over the last year, there has been a dramatic influx of (read on...)

Mobile Text Advertising: The New Era Yellow Pages

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Print media is slowly losing its effectiveness as more and more people are using cell phones and smartphones to access the internet to look up numbers and find information about local businesses. There are now over 5 billion cell phones in the world and over 2.5 billion of those cell phones are (read on...)

Mobile/Text Message Marketing: The Next Untapped Advertising Gold Mine for Business

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Just like the gold rush of 1848 in California. Mobile text message marketing could be the next untapped claim for businesses or anyone else that needs to advertise their services in 2011. Mobile/text message marketing is a new way of advertising to your existing or potential new customers via (read on...)

Time Budgeting – 5 Tips to Manage Your Time

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We have cell phones, texting, email, social media, laptops and so many other technological products that should make our lives easier. But it seems that every year we have less free time and more anxiety. But it really is easy to take control of your time, if you implement these 5 tips: 1. Set (read on...)

Smart Phones in the Workplace – Cutting Off Internet Access Isn’t Enough Anymore

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Employee productivity is an ever evolving challenge for employers, particularly in the digital age of cell phones and smart phones. To combat the wandering mind many companies turn off or restrict Internet access. In recent years, however, the 3G network has shattered that effort. With iPhones, (read on...)

All You Need to Know About Lanyards

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A lanyard gives freedom to carry the stuff in your hand or in your pocket. Items include keys, work badge; identification card etc. a lanyard is made of nylon, cotton, cord, or polyester. Some lanyards are made of PVC, leather, satin, or denim. Lanyards are much in demands these days as in (read on...)

Mobile Marketing – Engage Your Consumers, A Business’s "MUST HAVE"!

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“Mobile Marketing – Engage Your Consumers”… through your Mobile Platform or Cell Phones.. WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT… THIS IS A BUSINESS’s MUST HAVE!!! The cutting edge trend that is in the Now is Mobile Marketing. In many countries outside of the United (read on...)

Text Marketing – More Than Advertising

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The most telling point of Douglas McIntyre’s Daily Finance article is where he writes: “Cell phone use may be reaching a saturation point in America.” That’s great news for text marketing advocates on both sides of the service fence – those companies that provide (read on...)

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