Daytime TV Marketing Secrets You Can Use to Hook ‘Em, Sink ‘Em and Keep Your Prospects Coming Back

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If you’re annoyed, burnt out, on the verge of broke and tired of wasting cash on marketing that does nothing to bring in new business to your dealership, grab a cup of coffee and dedicate a couple of minutes of your time to learn some life changing, client attraction strategies as used by (read on...)

Bonus Concept – Supercharge Your Car Dealer Marketing and Branding by Creating a Selling Environment

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If you actually want to get the biggest bang for your dollar, there’s an extra step to take once the car dealer marketing and branding work is done-that is making an environment where people really WANT to buy a car. So many folks blame the financial system for his or her lack of (read on...)

Changes in Advertising Caused by Technology

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Undoubtedly, advertising for products has changed with all of the changes in media technology over the past 100 years. For example, car dealer marketing used to rely heavily on their salesmen at the dealerships, now, because of technology there is such a thing as car dealer websites, where (read on...)