A Review Of Distinctions Between B2C And B2B Lead Generation

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The difference between leads for B2B and B2C is pretty much basic for even the average business owner. However, it never hurts to make a quick review on some of the easily identifiable differences. Now the first difference is of course, the target market. Obviously B2C is going to be much larger (read on...)

Three Factors That Help Lead to a Successful Software Telemarketing Campaign

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Smart business owners know the importance of sales process outsourcing (SPO) in that it helps to streamline activities and can yield additional benefits as well. Most people understand that a reason for outsourcing is to manage costs. Some also understand that outsourcing is one way to acquire (read on...)

Understanding Hourly Rate Call Center Outsourcing

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You’ve taken the first step in the call center outsourcing process – you’ve decided to outsource. Congratulations, you have now joined the ranks of thousands of smart minded business leaders all around the world. But before you sign that contract, its important to understand how (read on...)

How to Gain a Business Lead Within a Business Lead

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A lead within a lead – now that’s something that you don’t hear everyday. Basically you find a b2b lead by generating a lead. But is that even possible? In actuality, it can be done; though it is a bit difficult to achieve. To put it in more simpler terms, it is just getting (read on...)

B2B Lead Generation – To Juggle Is To Struggle!

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Having so many campaigns means having a lot of work if you’re into providing campaign management services. However, is it possible to get too much? Actually yes. The question of determining that limitation however, requires several steps. Before that though, some might in fact object to (read on...)

Going From Data To Marketing Leads

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Perhaps the reason why business people still take data for granted is because some of them can’t see how that data translates into money. One way to explain this is by showing the effects of information on the actions a company would make. However, this would best illustrate if we use a B2B (read on...)

Curb Your Hunger for Leads With Pay Per Appointment

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Whenever a person feels hungry, their natural reaction will be to search for food to curb that hunger. Food not only brings us the satisfaction of being full and nourished from being hungry, it also brings us the necessary elements that ensures us of our health and to keep us away from all sorts (read on...)

Professional Telemarketers Help Find Land In Uncharted Marketing Waters

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When talking lead generation, you can say it’s like drawing bounty from the sea. First remember, there are two categories of lead generation methods dedicated to the two different kinds of business interactions. One is B2B and the other is B2C. B2C leads are like fish, a certain aquatic (read on...)

Software Lead Generation As a Sales and Marketing Solution

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Software sales leads are important to a software firm that finds itself having trouble with making sales happen. However, through the implementation of better marketing schemes that problem may be rectified. Of course, this depends on the type of things they add into their marketing campaign. For (read on...)

Software Telemarketing: A Good Marketing Strategy For Software Companies

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Software companies could rest easy if they were ensured that their products and services would sell to consumers no matter what the cost. The problem however is that no matter how good a piece of software is, marketing it is still a challenge and beating out the competition is always an uphill (read on...)