Do Not Call Registry

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The do not call list is a newly implemented idea which assists consumers who do not wish to accept calls from telemarketers by barring commercial calls. The National Do Not Call Registry enforced by the United States government is one of the earliest do not call initiatives nationwide. The (read on...)

50 Percent of Yellow Page Directory Users Are Looking for Just One Thing

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Directory Users Seek Information about Location First People who open the Yellow Pages already have a desire to buy. That sets it apart from all other advertising media. For a brief time, the eager-to-buy directory user checks the competition, to see what each of them offers. They scan for (read on...)

Teleseminars – Talking Your Way to Big Sales

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What’s the least expensive way to reach hundreds of potential clients simultaneously? Teleseminars can be your best strategy for presenting your offer to the masses. If you haven’t made the leap to this cutting-edge marketing technique, it’s definitely time to get on board. Most (read on...)

Increase Your Sales Quickly – Follow Up Several Times With Each Prospect & Client

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There is a tradition in marketing that says that you need an average of at least seven contacts with a potential customer before you get a sale. It might go something like this: The potential customer calls or emails you or signs up to your list. (That’s the first contact.) You reply. (read on...)

How to Maximize Your Sales Call Results – Can You Answer the Burning Questions?

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You manage a sales force or maybe you are a sales professional. Paranoia comes with the job. No matter how successful you or your operation might be you are constantly plagued by doubts. How well are we doing? Are we earning all of the customer’s available business? What potential business (read on...)

Google Me!

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Maybe I’m getting lazy. Or, it could be cockiness. But I like to think of my strategy as a very practical way to sell. Increasingly, when I’m pitching people I invite them to “Google me.” A few weeks ago they would have found a couple of million documents, but the gigantic (read on...)