To Sell More – Empathize More!

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Salespeople who understand the buyer more, sell more. That is clear to see from our benchmarking data, as well as our direct experience. But an intellectual understanding of the buying decision is no longer enough. Salespeople who translate buyer understanding into buyer empathy enjoy the (read on...)

Seven Factors Influencing Buyer Behavior

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Before a customer actually buys a product or service, he or she undergoes a buying decision process – that could range from a simple spur of the moment decision to a very long and tedious process of evaluation and re-evaluation of options before the actual purchase. Regardless of the (read on...)

Connecting to What Is Motivating a Buyer Will Help You Close the Sale

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In any given sales situation, you must be aware as to your own personal motivation concerning the sale, and more importantly, you must recognize what is motivating the potential buyer. Not recognizing the reason or purpose for acting on either side of the fence can cause conflict between the (read on...)

An Intelligent Contact Sheet

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The field of marketing automation would like to get the right data, at the right time, to prospects who sign up on contact sheets. But with the available technology, it’s not possible: the wrong data are being gathered and scored, the wrong content is being sent out and collected, the (read on...)

Why You Need To Understand The Buying Timeline

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When you take out advertising your main goal is to get customers to buy now. But have you noticed how that isn’t always the case? Some people may respond now, but they don’t all buy now. Does that mean that the advertising campaign was unsuccessful? Not necessarily. Some people may (read on...)

9 Sales Steps That Influence a Buying Decision

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The steps of a buying decision differ from the steps of a sale. The sales model has no way to influence the private decisions and buy-in issues that buyers must address before they can buy. Buyers live in a ‘system’ that maintains their Identified Problem (or ‘pain’) over (read on...)

The Differences Between the Solution Sale and the Buying Decision: Let’s Go to a Wedding

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Let’s say you were going to a wedding. You had the gift, decided on the outfit, picked a time to leave to get there on time, decided to use your car rather than you’re spouse’s, because it was more comfortable. Then you had to plug in the directions to your trusty GPS (read on...)

How Much Time Do Sales People Waste?

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As sellers, we waste over 90% of our time. We need to find prospects, get them bought-in to the possibility of using our solution, get them what they need to understand our solution and how it might fit, get past gatekeepers, manage objections, get to the right people who will know how to buy us, (read on...)

Wait Until the Buying Decision Team Is in Place to Visit or Pitch

October 8, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

If you attempt to get meetings just to ‘get in front of’ a prospect (assuming that your solution will rule the day); if you present to whichever prospects will agree to see you; if you pitch when the buyer doesn’t have all of their ducks in a row, you’re not only wasting (read on...)

Where Does Selling Begin? Activate the Buying Journey Immediately

September 28, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

Where does selling begin? Why do we begin a buyer conversation by focusing on finding needs? What are we gaining/losing by starting there? Buying Facilitation® will help you begin facilitating the buyer’s decision path – defined as those back-end human issues (relationship, (read on...)

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