Working on a Six Sigma Professional Team

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A Six Sigma Black Belt professional knows a great deal about this type of business process improvement method, has experience leading projects to successful conclusions and has a typical team of people they will entrust with the project they are leading. They are masters at leadership, able to (read on...)

Business Management Team Training and Education

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Anyone who plans to work in management will need to be able to lead a crew, a team or a group of people toward a specific goal. They will need to learn the traits that make a good leader so that they can succeed in this area of business. Their crew will need to be able to respect their leader. (read on...)

Why You Must Develop Your Sales Skills and Learn How to Sell

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Do you know how to sell? Do you know that sales skill is one of the most important entrepreneurial skills entrepreneurs must possess? Do you know that selling is the number one job of an entrepreneur? If you feel otherwise, then please read on as I highlight several reasons why you must develop (read on...)

Information About Business Project Management

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Business manager need to make sure they are delegating responsibilities to their staff so that they are not becoming personally overwhelmed. Project management is all about organization, delegation, and follow-through. A leader of a team who is deciding upon and implementing a plan must be extra (read on...)

A Must-Have for Your Business Team: An Accountant and a Mentor

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Heading into a business venture requires a great team that would serve as a strong foundation. The 2 people who you must have on your team are a certified accountant and a mentor. These two are the most important individuals that would make up the excellent grounding of your business. Having the (read on...)

5 Deadly Mindsets You MUST Avoid to Keep Your Business Growing

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As the owner of the business, one of your responsibilities is to be the visionary for your company, to act quickly and make some tough decisions. So the more you can act like the CEO of a big business, and separate emotions and ego from your business decisions, the easier those decisions will (read on...)

5 Indicators That Your Employee Team Has More Noise Than Focus

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Noise is when it seems to you-or to anyone-that constructive work is going on, but at the bottom of it all, it is all a hollow turbulence that doesn’t do anything productive for anyone. We have seen this happening in some of the largest corporate establishments today. On the face of it, any (read on...)