The Easiest and Least Expensive of All Business Growth Strategies

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As a business growth strategist, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with a lot of business owners. What I find is that they’re usually stuck in a “catch 22.” Their business is suffering. It’s being blown around by the roller coaster economy. Every time there’s a (read on...)

How to Grow Your Business: Two High Impact Steps to Transform Your Business

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As a business growth strategist who works primarily with small and mid-sized businesses, one question I often hear from business owners is, “What’s the quickest way to grow my business?” There are multiple things business owners can do to inexpensively (and quite immediately) (read on...)

Tips to Increase Profits – Get Help

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Ask yourself if you are completely happy with where your business is right now. If the answer is yes, then you can probably carry on going it alone. But if you want to make a step change in what you are doing or the business results you get, maybe it’s time to stop trying to do everything (read on...)

How Can a Business Grow in Today’s Economy?

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When I visit local businesses as a customer and ask, “How’s business?” The answer I hear a lot is, “It’s slow. But what are ya gonna do? How can a business grow in this economy?” It’s a fair question because these are indeed tough, scary times. The (read on...)

Top 7 Books for Your Sales Strategy Library

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Are you starting out at a career in sales? Or perhaps you’ve been in the field for a while, but would like to fine tune your sales strategy. Here are some must-haves for your bookshelf at the office. 1) The 25 Sales Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales Today, by Stephan Schiffman From the (read on...)

Business Intelligence – Leverage The Convergence of Data and Computing Power to Guide Your Business

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The key to reaching any goal requires that progress be measured and tracked over time. This is especially true for marketing and business goals. A business can only grow successfully by establishing success criteria for individual business objectives and then managing progress toward achieving (read on...)

Culture – Getting the One You Want

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This short article will give you practical steps to identify the culture you have now and the culture you would like to have to support you as a high growth business. We have talked earlier about the importance of a strong company culture in a high growth business and how it should be a critical (read on...)

Freemium: The Key to the Future

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I’ve noticed in the last couple years that many of the leading companies in the world offer or are starting to offer freemium memberships. In the field of internet marketing this really isn’t something new, but it is rather refreshing to see huge companies like Microsoft, Sony, and (read on...)

Costa Concordia – How Exposed Is Your Business?

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All Aboard! This is what you hear just before the procedures begin to prepare for undocking. How many of the passengers who boarded the ship Costa Concordia recall hearing those words the last time they boarded this ship? It is the call for everyone who expects to be aboard the ship, to board the (read on...)

Looking in the Mirror – What Clients Are Really Teaching Us

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Do you find that your clients all seem to exhibit the same patterns at certain times? For example, you always seem to attract clients that want to negotiate your rates. Or you attract clients that challenge your boundaries. When patterns begin to emerge for my clients I begin by exploring (read on...)