Are You Hard To Work With?

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I was searching through my personal email the other day when up popped an email from a local spa. Thinking it was a good time for a massage (OK, is there ever a bad time for a massage?) I took a look to see what they were offering. They laid out what seemed to be a great membership program. (read on...)

Opening A Nursing Agency

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Through time, the demand for nursing has been increasing. If you are planning to open up a business to earn more money, then why not consider the idea of opening a nursing agency? This will ensure you that there will always be someone who will be interested in hiring a nurse. A nursing agency (read on...)

3 Simple Strategies for Creating Movement Based Marketing to Grow Your Business

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As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and honor the work he did for civil rights in the United States, I can’t help to pause and pay homage to the marketer that he was. Yes, I said marketer. I am fond of saying that we are not in the business we think that we are in; we (read on...)

I Hope Your Business Isn’t Missing One Of These!

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Strategy 1 – Up-selling If you are offering a service or a product and not prompting an up-sell at the point of sale you’re potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Think about it. You’ve earned the trust of a customer, enough to spend money with your business, (read on...)

3 Simple Strategies for Re-Purposing Content So You Attract More Ideal Clients

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If you’re anything like me, you’re building a successful business and the thought of creating new content each week for your blog or e-zine makes you shake your head, overwhelmed. Trust me, I get it; you want to give fresh ideas to your growing community base but the day-to-day (read on...)

Business Strategies for Success

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Business failure has been the focus of many articles and despite the leaps forward in technology and the Internet nothing has changed. The causes of business failure all stem from taking your eye off the important elements of succeeding in business. While it may be better to review the positive (read on...)

Small Business Strategies Should Include Video Marketing of Your Brand

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If you think using video to market your company isn’t something you need to do, think again. According to ComScore a market research firm, over 83 percent of all Internet users in the United States watched a video on the Web in January. That’s around 171,000,000 people. In their (read on...)

Eliminate The Focus On Gross Income, Simple Business Strategies to Increase Net Income

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Have you ever been to an awards ceremony for a company? Ceremonies where they share the results of different sales team members and hand out glass and plastic trophies for sales achievement? These ceremonies are generally thought of as morale boosters. They reward people for the hard work over (read on...)

Small Business Advertising For Entrepreneurs

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Advertising in a small business is an art that no one should underestimate. Many companies today often misunderstand its potential in how it can affect a small business largely. Some think that it is irrelevant to start advertising thinking that during this stage it is impossible to compete with (read on...)

The Results of Business Advancement

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The results of business advancement are centered around many different aspects. Below are some of the important aspects that really make a difference when it comes to growth and future success. Finding new markets is something all companies strive for because it means growth in possibly many (read on...)