4 Creative Marketing Tips to Increase Your Wellness Business Sales Now

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According to International Spa Association President Lynne McNees, “Since the economic downturn, the consumer is more educated than ever before when it comes to value and investing in themselves. They expect a return on their investment, and they aren’t falling for any tricks or (read on...)

Two More Ways to Sell Your Product

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Two Often Overlooked Ways to Sell Your Product Licensing, selling through the Internet, selling to big box retailers and a few other options are the ways most inventors and entrepreneurs dream of selling their products, but there are many other ways to sell your product. In this article we will (read on...)

Are You Memorable? 3 Simple Steps Help You Make Sure

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I have been traveling a lot lately, speaking and presenting and meeting so many people. Some who have really impacted me, some who have not, some I feel I have just started a relationship with, and others I know I will most likely never see again. All of this interaction, has made me question (read on...)

The Basics of Small Business Sales Techniques and Strategies

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The difference between a small business and a large business is simply the tactical use of sales techniques. This holds true when the size and the scope of operations are both ignored. All big firms started small. So any new business therefore must shift its worries from size or location to a (read on...)

SportsCenter and the Sales Athlete

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I am a veteran salesman in the Office Cleaning and Facility Maintenance industry and a long-time sports fan. Office Cleaning sales and sports – two separate worlds? Hardly – the two are much closer than you may think. Take away SportsCenter, brightly lit stadiums, cheering crowds and (read on...)

Selling a Business – Using a Business Broker

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When selling a business the most important consideration for most sellers is how to achieve the best price for that business and the most favourable settlement terms. Once the decision is made to sell the business, confidentiality is often of vital importance. A seller does not want competitors (read on...)

Treasure Maps for Business Sales

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Imagine if I told you that there was buried treasure within driving distance of your place of work. What would your reaction be? Well firstly, you’d think that I was a crack-pot and wouldn’t even consider the possibility that I knew what I was talking about. But, this is just an (read on...)

How To Increase Your Small Business Sales

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First of all, always make sure that you are treating your existing customers with a great deal of respect. If they are loyal to you, reward this with bonuses and special discounts. Because of these special deals, they will be much more likely to stick with you into the future, as well as (read on...)

Improve Sales With The Law of Attraction

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If you want to improve sales, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Trying to make people who are not interested buy from you will not work; what you need to do instead is to focus on attracting the attention of those people who actually are interested in what you have to offer. To (read on...)

How to Vastly Improve Business Sales

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Lots of retail stores’ sales have been down lately. Several businesses have even had the unfortunate need to close their doors forever, because everyone is being more conservative in how much money they spend. Even in times like these it’s possible to improve business sales; people (read on...)