Managing People And The Process Of Change Part 2: Managing The Process

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If you are looking to really change your business or are undertaking turnaround management consulting, to be successful, you will need to make long term change stick. This article looks at some of the techniques and processes turnaround firms use in implementing change management. Obviously, if (read on...)

6 Essential Steps For Directors of a Troubled Business

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There is not a company in the world that could do with a improvements in its workforce or on its board. This could lead to some inadequacies, but if the business is largely successful, there seems no need to panic and call in the consultants. Then, things take a turn for the worse, economic (read on...)

What is Corporate Rescue?

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If you have a business that is insolvent, but which has an element to it that has value, that portion can be saved. It may be that only a small part of the business is viable: that portion can still be saved and the unprofitable or decayed parts of the business either sold or written off. Any (read on...)